Monday, October 25, 2010

This and That . . .

We came to Ely, Nevada almost a week ago. We were only going to spend the night, but after a look around, we decided to stay another day. After our day of exploration (another blog), I started feeling funky and we decided to stay another day.

This has always been our practice since we don't like to drive when both of us aren't 100%.

Then the wind picked up, so we added another day.

Then the rains came.

This morning it was snowing.

Now, it seems to be winding down. The sky is blue and clear and the snow has all melted. The weather reports say it will be a fine day for driving tomorrow, so we will be back on the road.

Since I've been watching the weather so closely, I thought I'd tell you about one of my favorite new toys, an iPhone ap. called Weather HD. I have several other weather aps, but this one is different. Rather than just giving you a weather report and forecast, this one shows you the current weather with really beautiful animations. When it's raining, you see a countryside with rain, at night you see the moon, today when it was snowing, it showed a constantly changing snowstorm. It's very cool, and if you have an iPod or an iPhone (or an iPad, for which I'm extremely jealous) it's more than worth the $.99.

I'm also a huge fan of HD Camera (as well as TrueHDR). I've written about TrueHDR before (you can see samples here), but lately I've been using HD Camera more.

After todays snow, the sky cleared up and I got these shots, right outside the windows of the rig.

If you click and enlarge this one,
you can see that I should have
opened the screen,
rather than shooting through it.
Still, it shows the detail nicely.

The mountains around Ely
are quite lovely,
especially when the clouds
cover them with shadows.

I really liked these mountaintops,
still dusted with snow.

So tomorrow,
we take off on Highway 50,
called the Loneliest Road in America.

Then we'll continue on our way west.


Malone said...

Wow! a whole new look, Kate. I have always liked this template, but I would imagine you will do some tweaking before you are finished. Or am I at the wrong blog?? LOL

Kate said...

Yes, a who;e new look. I spent about 3 hours dinking around with "original templates" and just couldn't get it to look the way I wanted, so I just went with one of their pre-made templates that I like on a friends blog.

I may try again,but for now, this is it . . .

meowmomma... said...

I like the powder sugar mountain tops too! pretty.....

CeiPui said...

I like the new look! For a minute I thought I went to the wrong blog, so I had to look at the title twice to make sure! :)