Sunday, October 17, 2010

Around Capitol Reef

Since we've spent so much time in the area, we've been taking various day trips, checking out the surrounding area.

I took this shot
here in the campground
at the beginning
of a day of exploring.

Once again,
I was amazed at the way
the rocks in this area
seem to emanate the light
rather than reflect it.

We were headed some twenty plus miles up the road to grocery shop at Loa, Utah, the nearest market.

On our way, we saw this herd of buffalo, and stopped to take s few pictures.

The whole scene was so bucolic,
we stayed for a while,
soaking up the atmosphere.

Not too far up the road,
we saw a rough hewn archannouncing
the Lodge at Red River Ranch.
It looked so inviting, we went in for a look.

And wow, what a place.

The area around the lodge
was quite beautiful,
landscaped and decorated
to look period.

They also have lovely garden.

And horses!

A word about this lodge . . .

It's only eighteen years old, but has the look and grandeur of the great lodges in the National Parks. Built by a southern California surgeon, the attention to detail is stunning, it very much resembles the Ahwahnee in Yosemite.

Built of raw timbers with molded tin ceilings, the great room features a gorgeous fireplace. There are dozens of antique southwestern rugs on the walls and floors, and all the furnishings are high quality antiques. There are fifteen rooms (which they allowed us to roam in), each containing a fireplace and a balcony overlooking the two thousand acre ranch. They are all lavishly furnished with period antiques. There is also a dining room and gift shop.

This place is first class all the way, and is certainly worth a visit, even if it's just to look around.

Further down the road, right outside of Bicknell, Utah, we saw a sign for Sunglow, a National Forest Campground, so once again we decided to take a side trip for a look.

Wow, what a beautiful spot.
Nestled up against rocks,
they really do have
the glow of the sun.

There are also lots of
high desert flowers,

as well as beautiful old trees.

If you enlarge this photo
(just click it)
and look really carefully,
see if you can find Terry in the shot.
That should give you an idea
of the scale of this area.

Next we took off for Loa,
where they still have Sinclair Gas Stations.

And Sinclair Dinosaurs!

I had to take a shot of this sign
(and no, we didn't try it).

After grocery shopping,
we headed home,
but got sort of hung up
on the way out of Loa.

was helping to herd the sheep.

they started to get the herd
off to one side of the road.

My final shot for the day,
just because I like it.

One more time,
with a little old timey
western flavor.

Beautiful country,
we're enjoying it immensely.

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meowmomma... said...

Oh! Did you listen to the sheep talking? One of my favorite times on a trip was when we were staying at a park in Idaho and a sheep herder came by with his herd. It was simply amazing to me how all the sheep were saying the same thing, but when I really listened, they all had a different way of saying it, just like we humans have different mannerisms of speech! It's an event I will never forget!