Monday, October 18, 2010

the Burr Trail Part 2-Variations and Photograsphs

A quick update . . .

We had planned on staying a few days in Great Basin National Park, but when we arrived, Wheeler Peak was covered with snow. We spoke with several Rangers and they told us more snow (at lower elevations) was a real possibility, so we decided to press on.

And here we are in Ely Nevada, an unexpected surprise, but I'll save Ely for another entry.

So here we are back on the Burr Trail, in Capitol Reef.

The colors and the textures of this place really fire my imagination. While we're roaming the outdoors, I'm completely involved in the beauty of the area. Then, when I get home and look at the photos, I just can't seem to resist playing around with them.

As always, I am drawn to
trees and skies.

But maybe the skies
are a bit too blue??

Or the leaves a bit too green?

I'm including this one
because lately
I seem to be fascinated
with back lighting.

This formation reminds me of
the back of a dinosaur.

I also find myself
a lot of open road.

In this shot,
the different layers of the
mountains caught my eye.

A similar shot,
but can you see the gargoyle?
Reminds me of Notre Dame.

We also saw a lot of square rocks
they seem to tumble down,
then just stop . . .

The skies of Capitol Reef.

Just because I like it.

Another shot
of the cliff walls.

Transformed into black and white.

Changed again into sepia.

That's it till tomorrow, when I'll finish up the Burr Trail and move on to Ely, Nevada.

I think I'll call the Ely posts Urban Explorations . . .

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Traveler said...

Thanks for all the great photos. I really enjoy your blog. Looking forward to seeing what you can find in Ely!!