Monday, January 24, 2011


I am hooked.

I am addicted.

I have a monkey on my back.

And it's all Costco's fault.

You know how, when the holidays roll around, all of a sudden, they carry something like a hundred new exotic cheeses? And every time you go, there's someone there, offering you samples of creamy goodness that you can't believe you've lived without all these years?

Well, that's exactly what happened to me. This woman offered me a sample, and honest to God, I was transported.

Cambozola (and don't you just love that name?) is a creamy mixture of Gorgonzola (very similar to Roquefort) and Stilton cream, resulting in something that tastes like a richer cream cheese laced with a slightly mild Blue Cheese. Bad description, I know, but trust me, this is the best cheese I've ever tasted.

It's incredibly tasty spread on crackers or toast, unbelievable with pears and apples and it's also bliss all by itself.

Now I live in the fear that every time I go to Costco, they won't have it anymore. I really do fear the pain of withdrawal.

Trust me,
if you see it in a store,
just pick it up.
It's a guaranteed party in your mouth.


Donna K said...

That is so funny. Another blog I read tonight was talking about some great cookies they had found at Costco. What would we do without Costco? I am pretty pedestrian in my food choices - I like their roasted chicken. But that cheese sounds yummy - I believe I'll try it. Thanks for the tip. I am getting inspired - I even tried a fish taco last week thanks to Nellie!

-Heidi said...

Well, that's a cheese I'll be looking for... but our Costco trip is still a little over a week off... do you think it'll still be there???? It will be, won't it? ~grin~

Big Matt said...

You'll never survive Pike's Place market in Seattle, there's at least three different shops there with counters full of every kind of cheese imaginable.

My personal favorite is Cottswald.

Kelly said...

I'll have to try and find Cambozola
somewhere ! we dont have a Costco membership..... I'll search around.. It sounds right up my alley...