Thursday, January 6, 2011

Good Morning

I don't usually post in the morning but we've been so busy I haven't had much energy to post at night. Or much to talk about anyway.

We have the car loaded to the gills, and today we'll take the first load to the auction house. Also a couple more boxes of CDs and DVDs to the used book store.

I'm finally beginning to see just a bit of space, not much, but a bit. We're thinking of maybe renting a storage shed for a month or two. That way we could move the keeper boxes out of the way. We'd also use it for boxing up the Disney that will go to another auction house at a later date. We've discovered that a big part of the problem is the stuff we want to sell in different venues. If we can just get it out of the house once it's sorted, that would be a huge help.

Who would have ever thought this would be so much work?

As I've said before, lessons to be learned.

We've decided that we'll take a week off at the beginning of March. A group of Lazy Daze owners are meeting up in Morro Bay for few days. We haven't seen a lot of our California friends for some time, so this sounds like the perfect break, My thoughts are that we'll be so much further along with the house by then, that coming back after a week will help us see it with new eyes and speed us along even faster.

At least that's what I'm hoping.

I keep trying to stay positive, but I have to tell you, I really hate the weather here. It's so cold and damp, we never seem to get truly warm. We were trying to figure out if it's always been like this? Were we just so acclimated that it was our reality? Or has our time in the dry open southwest changed us forever?

Well, it's certainly changed us, but I mean physically, as to what we can tolerate. When we were in the deepest snow in Northern New Mexico, it would be bitingly cold, but we could get warm, and the rig stayed toasty. Here, no matter how much heat we apply, we're always cold. I believe it's the damp. Whatever it is, I hate it.

We both took a vow today that once we're done with this project, we'll never again stay in a place so physically uncomfortable.

I so long for the freedom of the road.

So today, we go off to unload a lot of baggage, grocery shop, fill up with propane, visit the library and probably treat ourselves to lunch.

And I'll be taking the camera, so maybe we'll squeeze in a bit of photo time.


Russ Krecklow said...

Just remember what they always say about Arizona.....It's a DRY heat! and it's also a DRY cold. Doesn't feel the same here in Eugene, Oregon. That's why we also want to go where it's warmer and dryer.

Enjoy your time in Morro Bay. That's a beautiful place to be. Don't park too close to the golf course!

Malone said...

Really, Kate, it's true. I tell all my friends that I am colder in california than just about anywhere in snow country! Good luck and nice to have Morro bay to look forward to!