Wednesday, January 12, 2011

More Auctions

I am getting so excited, the first auction will be next Thursday (January 20). We already have over nine six foot long tables of items they will be selling for us!

We took more in today, here's a few shots.

I have a lot of animation artwork.
I thought I'd start with a cel of Smurfette

More glassware.

This is a set of old bakelite or celluloid poker chips.
They're embossed with someone's name!
They come in their own fitted box.

A framed poster from
a most memorable exhibit.

An older fringed leather jacket.
Shades of Hank Williams!

A lot of old bar mirrors
(and we have more!)
The mirror in the upper left
is from a 1950s
Roy Rogers bedroom set.
We sold the set years ago
and just found this in the back of the garage.

This is an old photo album.
The roosters and flowers
are all hand carved stones and shells.
The cover itself is lacquered wood.

Another vintage photo album.
This one has a sticker that states
it is entirely hand painted.
When you open it up, it's also a music box.

A pair of Japanese paper screens.

Jabba the Hut!
Still in his original box.

We've changed our plans a bit. Instead of renting a shed, we've decided to clean out the garage and use that as a storage shed for sorting all the "stuff". This is where we've been stashing yard sale and flea market boxes forever and it's kind of fun (and scary) to go through it all.

Once it's clear, then we'll work on the outside room (which is also full), then the attic (which is also full), then the house (which is also full).

Will we ever finish??
We will soldier on
till the task is done


Aeagles said...

This is some AMAZING stuff! Thanks for sharing it with us.

Donna K said...

My favorite is the Roy Rogers mirror. I LOVED Roy Rogers and Dale Evans when I was a kid. thanks for sharing. Good luck.

photowannabe said...

That's what I was going to say! Amazing treasures. Way to go Kate and Terry.

Big Matt said...

I would so go broke so fast going through your collection :p.

Kate said...


We also love Roy and Dale. In fact, you can consider yourself the inspiration for my next entry!


Nancy G said...

I did that a few years ago....the stuff that I sold that I shouldn't have I rebought. sometimes i see things in old thrift stores and think I wish I still had that but I still have a clutter problem in an rv. Not that we are traveling that much now....we bought a truck camper to take out, but that is a entirely different problem for me!!!!

CJones said...

That's the spirit! Keep up the good work and good luck on the 20th

Paula said...

Beautiful things--you'll still have the pictures and the memories, and more space! You'll get through it, one step at a time.