Monday, January 3, 2011


I have to tell you, I am so sick of the weather here. It's been raining since we got here, and it looks like it's never going to stop.

Henry hates it too.

Before I go any further with this entry, I need to say something. Like I said, the weather has been pretty horrible since we've been here. We've just started to make a little bit of progress inside the house. We have an appointment this Friday to take the first round of boxes to the auction company, with more to follow.

What with working inside, we haven't done a thing to the outside of the house or the yard. It's looking pretty grim. AND, I seem to have as much stuff outside as I do inside. Well, not really, but I do have a lot of outside decorations.

I'm telling you this because when I look at these pictures, the house looks really horrible. I'll admit it's in need of a bit of paint, but the truth is, If I had the time and inclination, a good power wash would help a lot.

But there's the rain, and all the other things to do . . .

So please bear that in mind when you look at these pictures.

As anyone who follows this blog knows, I've been a pretty hard core collector for most of the last fifty years. While I still appreciate the many things I've collected, I know in my heart I can do without them. That said, as I look at them, I'm amazed at the variety and volume of it all.

Just like I like small hand carved pieces, I also have an appreciation for large hand carved pieces, particularly primitive and ethnic art.

Like everything else, these pieces have come to me over the years., one at a time, resulting in another collection.

the Masks

I'm not sure where these two are from.
I'm assuming the one
on the left is Indonesian
and the one on the right might be
from somewhere around Australia.
The eyes are Mother of Pearl.

I have no idea where these three are from,
but they are all of a similar wood.

Another pair of unknown origin.
I really like the hair
on the one on the top.
The painting on the bottom one
is much brighter than it appears
in this photo.

This is a weird montage.
The ceramic lady is quite beautiful.
For years she held trailing lantana.
The black mask to her right
is inlaid with mother of pearl.

Another of unknown origin.

This one is, I believe, a piece of folk art.
I think someone found the wood
with the "bone structure" already
created by nature,
then just took it from there.
I like the bone in the nose.

This one used to be
much brighter,
but has weathered substantially.
Still, I like the way nature
has subtled her tones.

I have several friends who are pretty serious Tiki collectors, so I'm going to point them to this blog. Hopefully, this collection will find a good home.

Otherwise, it's off to the auction!

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Russ Krecklow said...

Just think...going once....going twice......gone!!! You're making good progress. Let's see....50 years of hard core collecting....should be all cleaned out and gone by 2012.LOL.