Saturday, January 15, 2011

the Klutz, and Lemony Ginger Goodness

I'm embarrassed to say that in my haste to work around the house yesterday, I somehow lost my footing and took a dive into the floor. One leg went one way (twisting my ankle) and the other another way, scraping my knee to the bone.

Good thing my bone density is high, nothing broken but my pride.

Am I the world's biggest klutz or what?

Anyway, that put me out of commission yesterday, and when I woke up today, I was sore everywhere, so we decided another day of taking it easy was in store.

Since the day was to be spent in the house, we decided it was a good day to read and watch a little television. I'm still enthralled with the Kindle and Terry loves whatever he can pick up,

So we read for a while, then we decided to start watching Carnivale. It's a two season series from 2003, first shown on HBO. Somehow we missed it when it first aired, so when I saw it at the local library, I checked it out.,

Wow, what a strange trip this one is. Part depression era story, part supernatural thriller, it's quite intriguing. Strangeness aside, there are several things about it that keep me watching. The cast is superb and the photography. The look of this show is so beautiful. The light, the color, the period, they really nailed it.

Then there are the actors. Lacking real "stars" it boasts a cast of excellent character actors that add a realism that is in too short supply in most movies today. Some of my favorites are Robert Knepper, Patrick Bauchau, , Michael J. Anderson, Tim DeKay, Clea DuVall and Amy Madigan.

If you haven't seen it, for the acting alone, I'd recommend it.

Sitting around all day with aching legs set my mind to cooking (don't ask me why, since standing for any length of time was pretty painful). I thought about what I would like and finally remembered that, here at the house, we have an electric ice cream maker. Looking in the fridge, I saw that we had brand new container of plain yogurt. And remember when I talked about Nellie and Joe's Key West Lime Juice? Seeing it, I decided that frozen lime yogurt sounded like a real treat. When I went to get the frozen canister out of the freezer, I noticed I also had fresh frozen ginger (I always keep my ginger in the freezer). I decided that would be the perfect compliment.

I took three cups of plain yogurt, about twenty drops of liquid Splenda, a bit more than two tablespoons of lime juice and about a teaspoon of vanilla, then added a couple of tablespoons of fresh ginger (grated with a fine micro plane). Mix all of this together and put it in the freezing bowl of your ice cream maker. Let it go till it's nice and thick and smooth and YUM!

If you don't like it really tart, you might want to cut back on the lime juice, and if you don't want the slight heat, cut back on the ginger.

But if you make it just like I did, you're in for a wonderful party in your mouth!

Tonight my legs are feeling a bit better, so tomorrow, I'll try to use them some more, and hopefully by Monday I'll be good as new.


-Heidi said...

"Am I the world's biggest klutz or what?"

Oh gosh NO! You're not! I trip over air on a regular basis! I once tripped while using crutches (using them because I tripped) and fell on the cement and broke my face (and nose). I often twist my ankle and fall down... once in the dump station. ~yuck~

I have many more stories... but my husband says I still don't take the "world's biggest Klutz award" ... that honor goes to his mom (and I'd have to agree). But he still says we have the grace of a gazelle... so I guess it all works out! ~grin~

Anyway, I hope you feel better now! ~grin~

Kate said...


Thanks for the kind words, maybe we should start a Klutz Klub?


E Squared and Mui said...

Take it easy as you recover ... and don't eat all that yummy goodness in one sitting (I know I'd be tempted to).

Jonna said...

Oh sweetie! That hurts from here. I love your response though, TV and ice cream will heal anything. I love my ice cream maker even though it doesn't work very well down here due to the heat. I have to freeze to slush all the ingredients and then hope that the machine (wrapped in a towel to preserve the cool) will go long enough to get to semi thick ice cream. Still, inventing new flavors is addicting and I'm going to try yours. I love key lime and ginger, separate and together, so this is a natural. Heal quickly and be careful with yourself, you've got a lot of traveling waiting for you.

photowannabe said...

Ouch!! Hope you recover quickly. That will teach you to have a dance party in your Rig! (:0)

Donna K said...

Hope you are feeling better soon. Falls are NO fun. Take care and enjoy that ice cream.