Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Why is it SO Hard?

Life lessons, do we ever really get it?

If you have a secret, please share, because it seems to be a lifelong battle.

All my life, I've struggled with my weight. At eleven years old, I was hauled into the Doctor and put on a diet. I don't think it's ever ended.

I've gone through years of not caring, and then tried everything that's ever been offered. Things work for a while, then it's off the wagon.

One thing I have learned, my body does very well when I eat low carb. No sugar, very little wheat, no rice, potatoes, etc. I like meat, I like cheese, and I love giant salads filled with greens and yummy vegetables. I love broccoli and Brussels sprouts, green beans and avocados. This way of eating suits my mouth and my body.

When I eat low carb, I can tell the difference within a couple of days. The brain fog lifts, the sluggishness disappears, I sleep better and generally find myself obsessing a lot less about food.

Last April, we went back on low carb after a couple of years away. Like before, the change was almost immediate, and slowly the weight started to come off. We stayed with it, and all was good.

Then we got here back at the house and the stress began. I could feel myself wanting to slip. A burger here, a small bag of popcorn there, you get the idea.

Suddenly, I couldn't sleep through the night, I would be up at all hours, never able to pinpoint the problem. Then I couldn't seem to wake up in the morning, often sleeping till 11:00 or so. My stomach started bothering me, and my pants were again getting tight.

In my heart, I knew the problem but I chose to ignore it. Why is that?

But once again, I'm back to this way of eating, and I feel SO much better, I have to ask myself why don't I eat this way all the time?

It's been close to a week now, and for the last three nights, I've slept through the night, waking up naturally at 7ish. I wake up with no hangover, I'm alert and feel well. I'm ready to go out and do things, and my attitude is great.

So why can't I seem to learn this lesson? Is there a lesson gene missing in my brain?

I sure wish I could figure it out.


Teri said...

I have the same problem with carbs, glad to hear that you are doing better this week. I'm sure the stress of emptying the house is part of the problem, I am also emptying my house. Don't know the secret to make it long term. They say 'mind over matter', so I journal and try relaxation techniques and try to keep a positive outlook about how I can enjoy travel more if I am not carrying around excess weight

Levonne said...

Kate, I hear your struggle. I know your struggle. I too move up and down on the weight chart and have tried all kinds of methods of eating. What I have decided is that regardless at to what I eat or what exercise I do or don't get, I need to focus on loving myself, every ounce of me. I'm allowing myself to follow any effective path I like with food with a focus on eating as healthily as I can on any given day. Hang in there. Love yourself regardless. You're being human. I would say to try also to enjoy whatever you eat. Enjoy it as thoroughly as you can. Feel the love.

Kimberly and Jerry Peterson said...

You may have pinpointed it yourself...stress!

We learn at a very young age also to sabatoge our own happiness since after all we are either stupid, ugly, too fat, too thin, too...the list goes on and on. And, furthermore we don't deserve the good things in life like health and wealth. These negative thoughts gets so inbedded in our minds we really do believe that we don't deserve any good! That is when the sabatoge begins, way back in the back of our minds.

Relaxation...meditation...positive outlook are definitely great techniques to keep in your life. But the number one thing we can do for ourselves is to love ourselves more than we have ever done before and put taking care of ourselves at the top of our list because we DESERVE IT!

Good luck and keep talking about it, holding it inside does not help.

Donna K said...

I hear ya Kate. Russ is diabetic and we both feel so much better when we eat right. Wish fats and carbs didn't taste so good. We find we actually eat better when we are traveling. No place to keep ice cream and cookies, and you can order small portions at a restaurant and that's all you get! Guess that means we should travel more. Hang in there, we'll encourage eaach other.

Deborah said...

I have a tendency to overindulge, (not food), and have found that the key to my success is that I cannot give in. If I do, I am right back where I started, feeling crappy and disappointed in myself. So, I just don't - and yes, it is hard at times, but as more time goes by, it gets easier. I wish you luck.