Tuesday, January 4, 2011

the Madonnas

I love artwork. Images, sculpture, music, film, theater, you name it and I'm probably a fan.

And as you probably know by now, I'm a born collector.

I've written before about how I manage my collecting living in the motorhome. Since I don't wish to change my lifestyle by not surrounding myself with art, I have to be very selective.

Being here and going through all my artwork is proving to be a real challenge, but I feel like I'm doing pretty good. Today I only added one piece to the rig, and she weighs next to nothing.

I've had this for years, and I truly love it. I often find myself drawn to images of the Virgin, and I distinctly remember not bringing this originally because there is some damage to the face. That said, when I look at her face now, I realize she needs to be in the rig with us. Then there's the sequins, which I also love.

She's going to live on our refrigerator,
as you see here.

In looking around the rig,
I realize this is my third
depiction of the Virgin.
This is a piece I picked up in a thrift store
some fifteen years ago ($4.00).
Every time I look at her,
I'm enthralled all over again.
She's hand painted and set in a frame
that I believe is tortoise shell,
although it may just be plastic.
I don't really care,
as the serenity of the piece
has brought me so much joy over the years.

The third piece
is a hand painted Madonna
I picked up in New Mexico.

I should mention
that while I'm not particularly religious,
I feel very spiritual.
I think that's the reason
these pieces resonate with me so deeply.


Malone said...

I love those Madonna icons. I found some really amazing ones in Malta, a country that is officially 98 percent Roman Catholic. While I am not the collector that you are, I do have a few of those around.

Terria Fleming said...

I love all of your Madonnas, they are beautiful. I once bought my mother a Madonna and we weren't even Catholic. It sat on our tv for years and always gave me a feeling of joy, just as you mentioned.

Donna K said...

I'm not a Catholic but I do love your Madonnas. Very gentle and peaceful. While in Sedona a few years back, we visited Chapel of the Holy Cross, built into the red rocks above Sedona. Gorgeous place and so peaceful - labels don't matter.

Kate said...


I'm not a Catholic either, but I do love the artwork. It makes me feel very peaceful.


photowannabe said...

I do think of you when I see Madonna icon. I remember how much you love them and the figures you had on your kitchen windowsill. So glad you are making progress in the house. Keep plugging away. It will get done.