Friday, April 1, 2011


Today, we took sixty four pieces of artwork to the auction. We took oil paintings, lithographs, prints, watercolors, pastels, you name it, we took it. But we haven't started on the Disney, and we aren't yet done with all the artwork.

Many of these are pieces that I've picked up over the years at various yard sales, thrift shops, etc. Most of them have been stashed in the house, some hung, but much of it, stacked against a wall in an unused bedroom.

This is a memory entry,
so I can remember some
of my favorite pieces.

We haven't really gotten into
a lot of the Hollywood stuff.
This is a French poster for the movie
Rear Window.
It's been signed by James Stewart.

This is an old unclaimed piece.
We bought it from a frame shop
some forty years ago.
We've never been able to find any info on the artist,
but there's a sticker on the back that says
"Mr. Applegate will call",
so we've always called it that.
It's not in great shape,
but hopefully someone will want it.

This is an original piece,
but again, we couldn't place the artist.

This is a signed photograph of Waikiki,
many years ago, pre beach front hotels.
I kind of wanted to keep this piece,
but it didn't make the cut.

An old oil of Yosemite,
and again, we couldn't find a signature.

We have some hope for this one,
it's a Japanese piece, early 20th century.
It's one of a pair.

An old oil on board, I love this scene.

A lithograph from my deco period.

Another oil that I just love.
quite serene.

And this is a place
I'd like to park Cholula Red.

This is a dimensional piece, Japanese,
made from bark, moss and other natural materials.
This photo really doesn't do it justice.

One of my favorite pieces, this is a pastel.
I think this woman is just lovely.
I bought this for five dollars when I was seventeen.

This is just a hoot.
Make sure to click and enlarge this
so you can read the sign on the wall.

While this isn't my favorite piece,
it's an original oil by a known artist,
Duane Armstrong.
We may check with the local art museum
and see if we can get a tax donation
if we donate it.

Another pastoral oil.

And this is just a smattering
of what we took in today!
It makes me feel like we're making
at least some progress.


Donna K said...

You've been working hard! At least you have the pictures so you can remember all the beautiful pieces. I like the one with the stream and the trees. Those are the kinds of places we went camping when I was a child. Good luck with the auction.

Jonna said...

I'm amazed at how much stuff you had stored away. No wonder you are so happy in your LD, it's the freedom from stuff. Aside from the paintings, the frames look to be worth some $$. Good luck with the auction.