Saturday, April 30, 2011

Again, the Auction

I get lots of questions about the auction. Most are interested in what kind of pieces we take to sell. I think there's a common misconception that you can only take high end items to a local auction. And sometimes that's true. But if you look around, I'm willing to bet you can find a local house that will be willing to sell just about anything you have lying around.

To demonstrate the kind of pieces we're selling at the auction, I thought I'd show you today's stash.

Here's a set of Snow White dolls from the early 90s. Not worth a lot, but too good to take to the thrift store. This is a set of 13 dolls. We figure it will bring about $50, most likely being purchased by a dealer. These are all still in their original boxes

A nice old deco bud vase.
This will most likely
go with other pieces as a lot.

A kind of neat piece, this is a Fisher Price Circus set, in the original round tin. It includes a circus wagon, 11 animals, trapezes, etc. It's not in perfect condition, but it is complete.

A set of wine glasses.

Here's an assortment of gew gaws,
these will probably be lotted out.

pressed glass,
a couple of cast iron pans.

Four pieces of amethyst glass.
To the naked eye, it looks black,
but when you hold it up to the light,
you can see it's actually a deep purple.

A piece of original art, ink and watercolor.
(bad reflection at the top).

A pair of 1930s candlesticks.
We used to have these on our dinner table.

An original bronze, signed by the artist.
It's a man and his dog,
sitting on a custom made bench.
The guys in the front are candle holders.

And just to show you that everything we take isn't "collectible", here's a couple of boxes of kitchen items.

These will also sell, most likely in the silent auction.

We didn't bring this to the auction,
he lives there.

Hopefully this will help some of you who are lightening your loads. I must say, this is so much easier than a yard sale or flea market. It's really kind of cool. You get it ready, take it down to the auction so that it's out of the house, and move on. Then, a few weeks later, after you've completely forgotten about most of it, you get a check!


Jorge and Evielynne's RV Road Adventures said...

I never thought to auction our items - we donated 90% of our home to the Church. No regrets but I so love your idea....


Russ Krecklow said...

It's always so nice to get a check, when you had no idea it was coming!

You're making great progress, Kate. Hope you and Terry are doing well and staying warm and dry.

Donna K said...

That's some good information. I never got a call back from the one auction house I contacted so now I am encouraged to try again.

What an eclectic mix you have. there should be something for everyone. Had to chuckle at the kitchen boxes - FOUR rolling pins!! Do you use them to keep Terry inline LOL??

Paula said...

It's Tiger's cousin!

Kate said...

Evielynne, yes, the auction route has worked really well for us.

Russ, we love getting checks!

Donna, Yeah, I could never pass up a rolling pin. Then, when we went on the road, I didn't have one and had to buy another one!

Paula, Yep, he could be Tiger's twin!