Tuesday, April 12, 2011


We went to Redbox today and were pleased to find the film Hereafter available. Don't you just love Redbox?

I'm a huge Matt Damon fan, and I think Clint Eastwood (who directed) has been turning out some if the finest cinema in the last couple of years. Have you seen Gran Torino? An excellent film.

When we got home, we settled in for a cozy movie night, and the DVD player would not work.

It's been weirding out quite a bit lately, and we've been unsure of the reason. We check a lot of DVDs out from our local library, and they're often not in the best shape, so when they wouldn't play, we would blame a bad disc. But this is a brand new disc, just released today and it wouldn't read.

Well, you don't have to hit us over the head with a hammer to get our attention, we finally decided it was time for a new DVD player. Do you think that maybe jostling the old one around in a motorhome for five years may have sped up its' demise? Or is five years about what we can expect from high use electronics these days? Who knows.

Whatever the reason, we needed a new player, so it was off to Costco. Once there, we were faced with the decision, should we buy a regular DVD player, or perhaps upgrade to a Blu-Ray player? We don't have an HDTV, so the Blu-Ray wouldn't really be a plus, but since we figured one of these days we may upgrade the TV, we decided to get a combination DVD/Blu-Ray player. For the same price, we were also able to get a player that has built in wifi. I'm not sure if we really have the speed with our aircard for streaming movies, but it didn't seem to add to the price of the unit, so we decided on that also.

Finally, we got to go home and watch Hereafter. What an excellent film, very different from most of what we see these days. Beautifully shot, intelligently written and very though provoking. I give it two thumbs up, my highest score.

And because I'm still playing on the iPad, I have to include a couple of pictures from yet another ap I've found. It's called ToonPaint. You load one of your own photographs into the application, and it turns it into a sort of cartoon type drawing.

I really like this look,
kind of like an old linoleum block cut,
or a wood block print.

I just keep loving my iPad more and more.
I'm finding new uses for it every day.


Jerry and Suzy said...

Liked that "Toon" look!

We haven't seen Hereafter yet, but we have our own version of Hereafter. Whenver I go from our trailer out to the Casita, I stop and wonder what I am "here after!"

Me and My Dog said...

I'm going to check out that app. I like the way you changed those photos! Thanks for the tip.

Donna K said...

Well shoot, Jerry stole my line. Guess I gotta get up early in the morning to beat him!!

Liked the look of the photos...fun!

Russ Krecklow said...

Kate, hope you enjoy your new tech toys. Keep working on Donna to buy that I-Pad. Thanks for the Birthday wishes. Stay well and warm.

In looking at the map, it's neat that we are on almost a direct line from here in Bishop to where you are by Santa Cruz. If I climb up to the top of Mt. Tom and flash my mirror, you could probably see me, right? Well, I won't be doing that, but we're thinking about you guys, at least.

Glad you enjoyed the horse pictures. I really love the one you took of the closeup of the eye. You're so creative!

Stay dry.