Wednesday, April 20, 2011

. . .

I haven't been posting a lot lately, mainly because I really don't have much of anything to post.

I've been in a weird place lately. When I started the blog almost five years ago, it was mainly to have a sort of diary of our adventures as we traveled around in the RV. As I got more and more into photography, I started adding my pictures, using the blog as an online photo album.

It was all about the full timing life.

And you know what? In my heart, I still think of us as full timers.

But now, we've been here for six months and I'm finding it harder and harder to find things to blog about. We don't go out shooting very much, so when I do post a picture or two, I find myself thinking "Why am I posting this?" And usually, it's just because I want to post something.

I read about all of you who are out living the life we love and I am green with envy.

But since we're mainly working in the house, I find that our leisure time is pretty much spent watching movies and playing on the computer or my iPad.

Consequently, I find myself writing about movies, photography and computer programs.

I have to ask myself, is anyone really interested in this? Don't most people who follow the blog read it because I usually write about the RVing lifestyle? Does anyone really care about my opinions on films, or all the iPad aps I'm discovering (as wonderful as they may be?)?

I kind of doubt it.

So I will continue to blog, but probably not as often.

If something happens, I will certainly write about it, but until we get back into the real full time life, it probably won't be as often.


Paula said...

I love reading whatever you write, whenever and however you do it. . It keeps you in my life. (and on my flipbord--which I love, thank you.)

Malone said...

It seems that this ebb and flow happens with most of us. What I have discovered however, is that I often enjoy reading about people that I have come to know, and what they are specifically doing has become secondary. I like seeing your progress, even though it may feel slow, I still like seeing the wacky things you find and photograph. You are part of a community here, and even if your post only occasionally, that doesn't change. Neighbors don't have to sit around the table together every single day to be part of the neighborhood.

Aeagles said...

I agree with Paula. I enjoy your point of view about things in your life so would encourage you to keep blogging.

Angie said...

Your blog is enjoyable regardless of what you write about. It's always nice to get a glimpse into what is happening in your life. I'm not a full-timer (or even close)and I doubt if I'll ever own an i-pad, but I do enjoy your blog. It's also fun to see the stuff you & Terry are discovering in your house.

Barb A said...

Hey Kate - traveling or not, I enjoy hearing from and about you and your lives, no matter the frequency. Will you make it to Live Oak in May?

Jonna said...

It is a dilemma I am very familiar with... When I started blogging we were fulltimers and travelers as well, we were always on the move and there were new things to talk about. Then, we bought the old ruin and there were a year or so of blogs about renovating it. Now? Well, I enjoy my life but I'm never sure it is something worth blogging about.

I think that for most readers and certainly for me, the draw is how you see the world and how you interact with it - we are interested in you. So, clearing out the detritus of another life that you lived well but are no longer interested in - that is interesting to me and many others.

I love the pictures of the treasures you are finding and your thoughts about them and giving them up. It's enlightening and inspiring, things can have such a pull but letting them go is so liberating.

Keep talking to us, I'm with Malone that neighbors and family don't have to talk every day.

Merikay said...

Spring is here, and I have promised myself I'm going to start exploring this beautiful area.

Would you like to get together and take a walk ay Henry Cowell one day next week?

Anonymous said...

Are you kidding? I love seeing your photos, and your computer experiences. Your collectables are also interesting. And your struggles to off-load all those treasures is inspiring. Please keep sharing as it encourages me to continue preparing for my future full-timing goal.

Donna aka Froggi said...

Don't kid yourself...there are many of us that read lots of blogs about things other than just RVing...and we will continue to read yours, no matter what you blog about!!

But don't feel guilty if you don't block's YOUR blog.

Donna K said...

Kate...above all we care about YOU, and Terry too of course!! Your time will come when you will be back on the road but in the meantime, let us know how you are doing and how the auctions are coming along and anything else that enters your head. Blog when you can but know that we are never bored with hearing from you. Perhaps you need a break so you can get a fresh perspective on your chore. I hear that Oregon is beautiful in the Summer and I just happen to know a couple of really nice tour guides!!

judilyn said...

I enjoy reading your blog, no matter the topic. Whatever you do, your writing about it is makes it interesting. We don't fulltime any more either, but I'm just too lazy to blog any more. When I do, it's mostly about food.

We bought a new house, so I'm taking lots of pictures of the remodel, and maybe someday we will actually move in!

The back deck overlooks about five miles of nothing until it bumps up against the mountains, and there are a lot of animals out there. They mostly evade my camera, though.

I did catch two cows and a bevy of quail as they passed in front of my iPhone camera yesterday.

Virtual hugs,


Russ Krecklow said...

Kate, you and Terry are two of the people who inspire us most! We love hearing what you think about things, no matter what they might be. You're one of the main reasons we decided to buy a 31' Lazy Daze and journey out into the world. You and Terry are like family and friends, we love you guys! You write from the heart, and keep that up! Blog when you feel like it, but always remember, you really are important to a lot of us!