Tuesday, April 5, 2011

iPads and Other Stuff . . .

I'm starting with one picture.
It has nothing to do with this entry,
but I liked the way his head was cocked,
like he was seriously thinking about something.

back to our regularly scheduled programming.

As I said a bit ago, I now have an iPad, and boy do I love it! I find that, while not a replacement for my computer, it has turned out to be the a wonderful device for surfing the web, reading email, and generally keeping up.

It's also a perfect way to keep and display your photos. The screen size is so nice, just like it was designed specifically for this purpose. The iphone is also good for this, but the larger size of the iPad screen is really so much better.

Just today, I found something else to like about the iPad. It's called Flipboard, and it's an easy way to visit a lot of content in one step. I wish I could explain it better, but all I can say is if you have an iPad, you might want to download it, and it's free. Once you have it on your iPad, if you like, you can add this blog to your Flipboard files. It's a great way to keep track of your favorite blogs.

One thing I did notice though. It seems like not all the links work in Flipboard. For instance, when you click on most of the links in my blog, they take you to an Amazon site where, if you purchase something, I get a small percentage (usually 4%, and it adds nothing to your cost). As near as I can tell, the Amazon links aren’t hot through Flipboard, but it may be something they'll fix in a future update.

If you wish to read the blog in Flipboard (and still use my link for your Amazon purchases) another option is to go to the upper left side of the blog, where it says click here for Amazon. Then, when you go to the Amazon site from that link, you can bookmark it, then it will always go directly to my account.

I'm not trying to push this, but I would like to thank everyone who uses this link. In order to post my pictures at the sizes I prefer, I put them on my own website, which costs by the year. At some point, I may go to a free online site, but this has worked so well for the last five years, I hate to change it now. I also like to be able to control the size of my pictures, something you can't always do with the free photo album sites.

Okay, enough about iPads and Amazon . . .

We seem to be doing so much better with sorting through the house, I think it's just easier when the weather is nice. The auction is full for this week (Thursday night) so we can't take anything down till Friday, but with the good weather, it's easy to store things outside till then. Lets hope the nice weather keeps up and maybe one of these days, we'll get out of here!

Today, while going through our outside room (really a huge storage area), I found something I had completely forgotten about. It's a box of old home movies and audio tapes my Dad made back in the 1950s. I remember that he liked to play around with a ton of audio equipment (remember the audio room I talked about when I wrote about the house I grew up in? You can read about it here). While I remembered that he loved doing this, I had completely forgotten that I had these tapes. I also found a box of home movies from the same period. Some of them are marked Hawaii, so they would be circa 1958-1962. I think I'll try to take a look at these before I pass them on to younger family members. Hopefully, in all this mess, we still have a projector somewhere. I know we still have the movies and a screen, so it would make sense that the projector will also show up.

It was very strange looking through these. It would seem I come by my geekiness honestly.

So we're just going to keep plugging away, hoping for good weather and occasionally taking time off to breathe and visit friends.

Then we'll be able to get back on the road (I hope).


Mimi said...

Hey Kate,
We found a treasure of home movies in some of J's mothers stuff as well, took it to a digital place and had them transferred to dvd. As I recall, it wasn't that expensive and so worth it. Just a thought.
Hugs Mi

Russ Krecklow said...

I-Pads on Amazon, and my Birthday!
What a wonderful confluence! Donna could get me a present! Only trouble is, she wants one!!