Thursday, April 14, 2011

the Rufous and Alien Eyes

Have I mentioned how much I love the bedroom in our 30 foot twin Lazy Daze? Our beds are in the back, surrounded on three sides by huge windows. It makes for the most lovely mornings.

And what a treat it was this morning.

We put out our hummingbird feeder a few weeks ago (attached to the window) and short of one baby we've been feeding, there hasn't been a lot of activity.

But today, all that changed.
Look who showed up!

Not as clear as I would like,
but I was shooting through our tinted windows.

This guy, like all Rufous,
had quite an attitude.
Click any of these to view a larger image.

And because I'm still so enamored of the iPad, here's a bit of photo magic. I created this using the camera in my iPhone and the photo tools on my iPad.

I was going for a sort of alien look,
ethereal and unreal.
The progression is below.

While I'm talking about iPads (and iPhones) here's a tip. A company named Chimani makes downloadable aps for several National Parks. These are great aps, self contained (so they work even when you don't have an internet connection). Uusually, they sell for $9.99 each, but to celebrate National Parks Week (April 16 through the 23rd, although it looks like they started early,) they are offering complete guides to five parks completely free.

Wow, a savings of $50.00! And they work on the iPod touch, the iPhone, the iPad and the Android.

The Parks include Yosemite, the Grand Canyon, Acadia, Cuyahoga Valley (which I had never even heard of, it's in Ohio) and Cape Cod. If you want a bit of info before you download, their website is here.

That's it for today, TTYS.


Donna K said...

What a beautiful hummer.

I agree with you about the bedroom in the LD. Love all those windows. However, right now, I am wishing for a sound proof door. I am trying to write and Russ sounds like a freight train in there LOL!! OOPS, there he goes again!

Kate said...

Donna, I can only say one thing. . .


Richard said...

Thanks, Kate. I downloaded the parks we will visit for free. I appreciate your blog and your LD tips and info ALOT.Susan G.