Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Do You Decorate Your Motorhome?

We don't go overboard, but we do have lights, both white and colored. We put them up the first year we had the rig and they haven't come down since. Being that they're up all year, I guess they don't really qualify as Christmas decorations, but this time of year, I claim them as such.

The first Christmas we had the motorhome, we also got a small sparkly Christmas tree. Now that, we take down and put up as the season dictates.

It's hard to find a place for a three foot tree
in a 30 foot class C,
but I found one!

We hang it
from the upper cabinet above the beds
in the back of the bedroom.

When the overhead lights are out
and the tree is lit,
it's pretty festive!

the only decent picture I could get
was with the overhead lights on.


Big Matt said...

Got quite a number up on the outside of the camper and the deck and surrounding bushes :).

Russ Krecklow said...

Kate, you are truly a wonder! You can always find a place for everything. It's a magical place inside Cholula Red. You and Terry are the best parts!

Eileen White said...

Thanks for the tip. We are in a Class C, too, and the little tree can now go up (hanging over the rear bed, of course!)