Wednesday, December 14, 2011

More Clouds and "Monty's"

We had errands to run, but didn't get out till late afternoon. We're making progress in the house and with the shorter days, sometimes things just get away from us.

So I was pleased to find one more cloud shot.
Clouds make me smile.

One of our stops was the local library,
where some trees have held on to their finery.

Amazing color.
Ain't nature grand?

There's a bar here in Felton named Monty's
It's been here for a gazillion years.
It used to be called George's Log Cabin.
For as long as I can remember
(and I'm old)
they've been the star of the town
around Christmas time.

They've just started decorating.
That's Monty and Sarah
in the picture above.

I like these reindeer.
(click to enlarge).

Here's a shot of the inside of the bar.
It's Happy Hour.

And here's another shot from Sarah
She helps with the decorations.

I'm sure I'll be posting more shots
as the season continues.

One new thing I'm trying . . .

After poking around the internet,
someone said it would be best
to shoot Christmas lights
right at twilight.
While they may look better
to your eye when it's full on dark,
the camera seems to prefer a bit more light.
The decorations still show up just fine.

I really like that I got the moon in this shot.

It seems that this will be
the year of trying to learn how to shoot
Christmas decorations at night.

Any and all suggestions are welcome.

Some folks have asked what software I use.
Generally I use Camera RAW,
a plug in for Photoshop.

Most of what I deal with
is exposure, saturation and sharpness.
It's a long steep learning process.

Good thing I'm retired


JOJO said...

WOW what great shots. I am going to try the before dark shots. I took some the other night and they were awful and I deleted them. Thanks for the tip.
What a great bar and the decorations are awsome.

KEL said...

Aww, I miss Monty's! Having been a regular patron only in the summers, I've never seen their Xmas decorations. Good photos!

Donna K said...

Monty's sure has some nice lights. I love that last shot with the moon on one side and the fading sunlight on the other. Great contrast.

Miss Lazee said...

Thanks for the tip about the light Kate.

Great shots!


Merikay said...

Good pictures. I just don't go out much at night so I don't get to see the Christmas lights.