Saturday, April 2, 2011

Take a Look at This!

We have a friend who has a friend that has to sell her wonderfully unique Lazy Daze because it isn't running right now. She loaned it to a friend who blew the engine, bad friend!

Now, before we go any further, let me say right up front that this isn't the rig for everyone. It needs work, and has been modified in ways that wont be to everyone's taste.

Still, I think it has a boatload of charm, and if you like to tinker and have the heart of a gypsy, this just might be the motorhome for you!

This is a 1994 Lazy Daze, 30-foot island-bed. It has 83,674 miles, new tires, and the roof has been resealed with eternabond. Receipts from the last year totaling $5,500 are available (a list of the repairs is included at the bottom of this post). This rig is very clean, inside and out.

The first modification
is a totally new paint job.
Using incredibly realistic
artists' renderings of ocean waves,
this rig will not be confused
with the run of the mill Lazy Daze!
(The paint is a good quality exterior house paint
over two coats of primer).

I LOVE the sunglasses, and have asked Terry if we can add them to Cholula Red. He's still undecided . . .

Okay, let's take a tour of the inside. Lots of these changes are things we are considering for Cholula Red somewhere down the line, especially the interior paint.

Here's the kitchen,
looking towards the rear bedroom.

Here's a shot of the living area.

Since the original owners had dogs, the flip up table has been neatly and cleanly removed. The carpeting has been removed, with pergo laid down in the living room.

Here's the bathroom.
Wow, it looks so roomy.

And here's the bedroom.
I really like the way the bedroom curtains
reflect in the mirrored doors.

Finally, here's a view of both sides,

and driver.

So it's a unique rig that is looking for a new home, probably with someone who is into fixing up cars, motorhomes, etc.

The price is $9,000 or best offer.
She really needs to get rid of this,
so if you are at all interested,
make an offer.
You never know,
it just might be accepted!
The rig is located in the Palm Springs area.

If you're interested, contact

Shann Carr
760 202 0404
Girlmoxie at aol dot com

Repairs and work done include:
Ultra Premium Severe duty rear brakes
Sway Bar Bushing set- front suspension/ Stabilizer Bar Control Link
New Fuel Pump (MFG OEM _74074) As this is an in tank pump, the gas tank was cleaned when dropped.
Fuel Pump Pressure switch
Fuel Pump stainer
Fuel Filter (Gold) for both chassis and generator
Fuel Cap
Throttlebody, fuel injection, valve train cleaning
EGR Valve and gasket
Radiator cap
Temperature Control Valve
Heater Valve
Valve stem extensions for tires


Donna K said...

Well, that's certainly unique! I hope your friend finds just the right person for this rig.

Jim and Gayle said...

That would sure get a lot of attention. And I thought the camo painted Lazy Daze was unique! The sunglasses are cute but not sure how they'd look with the traditional paint job.

Barb said...

The outside paint is too much for me, but I think the inside is really cute. Across from the living room couch would be a perfect place to put a desk/office for someone who works on the road. It actually looks very comfortable.

Kate said...

I have to agree, i love the interior, but the outside wouldn't be my choice.


Merikay said...

Well now, I keep thinking all those beige and white rigs are so boring!

I once painted purple bubble letters all over my very old light blue car. Love driving it around town.

But the candy colors inside this one are not quite to my liking.

If someone had one done up in animal prints, I might be a prospective looker!

Anonymous said...

I LOVE the sunglasses also !!

Big Matt said...

I look at the photos and look at them again, and the same thing keeps coming to mind.

That Lazy Daze is a Plastic Flamingo that believed in reincarnation and was reborn as a motorhome :p.