Thursday, April 16, 2009

2,592 Eggs

As most of you probably know, we're currently camp hosting at South Monticello campground in Elephant Butte State Park. Our duties are not terribly hard, so when they ask for assistance, we try to comply.

The Friday before Easter, they put out a notice that they needed help with dying eggs for the first ever Easter Egg Hunt at Elephant Butte, so we figured we'd swing on by and give them a hand.

What a Hoot!

Once we heard that there would be 2,592 eggs, we had lots of questions!

For starters,
you certainly don't use
those minuscule bottles of dye
you find at the supermarket.
We got to use the industrial size!

And what do you use to boil them in?
Why turkey fryers of course!

Lots of colors!

The first batch comes out.

And soon, there were eggs everywhere!

Now I don't want you to think
that we were slaving over hot turkey fryers all day.

In fact, the whole scene
kind of resembled a picnic.

There was quite a group,
young and old,
egg carton stuffers,

turkey fryer monitors,

more egg carton stuffers,
(isn't the one in the hat cute?)

And of course, supervisors

In addition to dying Easter eggs,
we performed some scientific experiments.

In the end, we had all these times four.
Even with my excellent wide angle lens,
I couldn't fit them all in one picture!

And once we were finished,
it seemed that a bit more
than Easter eggs got dyed.

It was a great afternoon, meeting Rangers, Firefighters, other camp hosts and an assortment of civic minded volunteers.

I think I can safely say a good time was had by all.


pictureeachday said...

Too funny! This is the largest egg-dyeing event I've ever heard of. It looks like it was a great time, and the eggs look very festive sitting there in carton after carton after carton..

Pawson Travels said...

Never a dull moment with RV travelers. Who would have thought this would be a part of retirement activities. Back to coloring Easter eggs. What fun.

photowannabe said...

What a hoot is right. How fun that must have been. How many people were there to hunt the eggs? Makes our day with 4 kids like nothing!