Tuesday, April 28, 2009

ABC Wednesday-O

Here it is ABC Wednesday AGAIN!

This week we're supposed to do the letter O, hmmm . . .

The sunsets have been particularly striking lately and I just can't seem to quit shooting them. Every day, I think to myself "Don't be taking any more sunrises or sunsets, because you have thousands already . . .".

But then I look out the window and I just can't help myself.

The following pictures are all from the same Original, but I couldn't decide how to tie them in with the letter. I thought about it and finally asked an online Apple board I frequent and they all helped me come up with all these "O"s.

So maybe I'll call this

Three from one Original
Oooooo! Sunsets

Look them up! They all relate to these photos in one way or another.

These sunsets,
what can I say?
I really haven't messed with the colors,
this is what we see.

Then I looked at the photo
and decided that it might look better
if I cropped it just a bit.

Then I noticed the backlighting on the bush.
Even though the sun is blown out,
I loved the flowers so much
I had to include it here.

Remember that you can click on any image and see a larger version of each photo.

Once again, I've had to sort of cheat for ABC Wednesday , but it's the best I could do!


Anna said...

Enjoyed your post. Omnifarious has me foxed so I am off to consult my dictionary :)

Ninnu said...

I say Ooooooooo....overwhelming!

Pat - Arkansas said...

Enjoyable "O" post, Kate. I enjoyed the Original and the off-shoots. Nicely done.

Mara said...

I like your cheating if you come up with those beautiful photos!

photowannabe said...

Ooooh my. Soooo lovely.

Tumblewords: said...

Love your 'O's and the phot'o's as well. Superbly captured light.

Reader Wil said...

Great original sunset! I love the cropped ones too!

naturglede said...

Yes, life is good. I love your post:)

Granny Smith said...

What's cheating about these lovely entries? If you could find those great "O" words to describe your sunsets, it only proves that we ABCers are smart!