Friday, April 24, 2009

We Have Birds!

Hummingbirds to be exact.

We saw a few of them around and knew it was time to get out the feeders.

Now these wont be the extreme closeups
I was capturing at Manzano,
but I like the looks of these just as much.

This feeder is out under the casita,
allowing the silhouette of the mountains
to be included in these photos.

We also put a couple of feeders
on the windows of the rig.
Pardon my incredibly dirty windows.

I decided to include this shot.
While it's not really sharp
(it was taken through the
dual pane, tinted windows of the rig),
I liked the lighting and shadows.

It would seem that not just
hummingbirds are visiting our feeders.
We've had several rosy finches
and even an oriole,
but he wouldn't pose for me

Remember to click to enlarge,
these look a lot better at a larger size.


Wayne Gallasch said...

Hi Kate,

Your bird photos are amazing. Loved your Tonto National Monument photos and they have inspired us to visit this site when we next return to NM.
You have a brilliant eye for photography and your camera is not half bad either!
Best regards,
Wayne Gallasch

photowannabe said...

Love the hummers Kate. There is something so magical and fascinating about them. I think you got great pictures. the ones with the mountains in the background really set them off.
All's well here and we are so busy now preparing for a big conference so the blog is going to suffer this week.
Miss you.