Wednesday, April 29, 2009

the Blue Bird

We have these little tiny birds here at the campground and they are the most intense shade of blue, they look like they've been dyed.

As near as we can tell, they are called Blue Buntings.

I took some photos,
and Terry told me
they looked fake,
but honestly, these are the colors!

So I got these pictures, and decided to to play around a bit with my software to see what kind of variations I could get.

By the way, in my previous post, I said that the three photos were all from the same original, when in fact, they were shot in series! My bad, I do apologize!

Now on to those birds . . .

This shot is the same
as the one above
with all the color removed
except for the bird.
I didn't enhance the color
of the bird at all,
it just looks so much more blue
against a gray background.

And here's the same shot
with just a hint
of the background color
brought back in.
I like this look a lot.

Here's one more shot,
straight out of the camera.

I warmed it up just a bit,
it looked more like real life this way.

And just a bit warmer.

A crop of the original shot.

Desaturated with some of
the original color brought back in.

This one has been run through
the "Dry Brush" filter.
Make sure to
click to enlarge to see the detail.

Here's the same shot
run through the "Watercolor Filter".
Again, make sure to
click to enlarge to see the detail.

So that's my Bluebird series.

Wonderful little birds.


Sistertex said...

Cool Kate, what are you using for all the modification Photo Shop?

Kate said...

Yep, I'm using Photoshop (but not to its' full advantage).


Sistertex said...

Hi again Kate! I think it is a fantastic product, I use that along with Image Ready. I agree, it is a powerful tool, so much can be done with it. I have taken classes to learn about it and still feel there is a lot more to it than I have used.
Love the bird photos, nice examples of some of the features. The bird itself is just blue! Of course nature alone and in itself is just amazing and not in need of any photoshopping to be so many of your photos prove. :) But it is fun to experiment, I love to do it too. Is that the new toy you were speaking of? Or did I miss that somewhere along the way.
Thanks Kate!

Kate said...

Oh, I STILL haven't written up my new toy, but I'm working on it!


Judy said...

Great photos, Kate! What you have here is an Indigo Bunting. THey summer in Arizona and New Mexico and then only from the middle to east of the U.S. I sure wish we had them up here in north Idaho as they are so pretty.

I just got a new Canon with a 20X zoom and have been having so much fun taking bird pictures from the house out to the feeders. I'm not near as good as you are yet and am waiting for the time when I have time to learn all the little things I can do with it. Do you ever use Picasa to do things with your pictures?