Wednesday, April 22, 2009

ABC Wednesday -N

I guess I will be in the running for one of the last people to post on ABC Wednesday (again!). Oh well, better late than never.

This week the subject is supposed to be N. This one was a toughie, and I had to go way back to 2005, when we visited
Tonto National Monument

OK, I know it's a bit of a cheat. but it's the best I could do and it is a lovely, out of the way place.

It's certainly worthy of a lot more attention than it gets.

Located outside of Globe, Arizona, it's just a few miles from Roosevelt Lake. Roosevelt Lake is a wonderful place to stay, wide open with majestic saguaro cactus leading right down to the water. Saguaro only occur in a small section of North America, and once you've seen the stately beauties, you gain a whole new appreciation. In our travels, Roosevelt Lake was the only place we saw saguaros so close to water.

This is a sunrise shot, and yes, it was this color.
I haven't seen quite this shade since.

Just a few miles up the road
is Tonto National Monument.

To reach the ruins, you have to hike up a hefty trail,
but look what awaits you at the top.

A closer shot of the ruins.

This shot is taken from right outside the ruins.
If you look down in the middle right,
you can see the roof of Cholula Red.

I wanted to get this shot
to prove we had hiked up this hill!

If you can't see the rig,
click this, or any image for a larger view.

The vista was certainly worth it.

This was actually
the first set of ruins
we had ever been in.
Little did we know how lucky we were
to have the place all to ourselves.
It was akin to being taken back in time

Imagine living here, bringing everything,
your food, your water, your self
up this hill.

And they certainly didn't have the nice path we enjoyed.

People lived here for many years,
farming the valley below.

Again though, they did have this.

Tonto National Monument
is certainly a spot I would recommend.
Secluded and serene,
it offers an opportunity for reflection
on how people used to live.
Much simpler, and very much harder.

After your visit, you can go and camp here.


photowannabe said...

Amazing and simply gorgeous. that sunrise looks like a postcard. I like your choice for the letter N.

Jay said...

Those are stunning photos - I'd love to go and see the cacti and the ruins!

On behalf of the team, thanks for taking part in ABC Wednesday this week! :)

Pat - Arkansas said...

That is the most gorgeous color in the sunrise photo! Awesome.

I love your photos and descriptions of sights within Tonto National Monument. I regret to say I'd never heard of it before now. If ever I get back to Arizona, this is one place I'd love to visit.