Tuesday, April 14, 2009

ABC Wednesday M

I love photography.

I find it makes me so much more aware of my surroundings. I'm usually up for the sunrise, but not always ready to greet the public. Photography has taught me to get up and at least make myself semi-presentable, because El Sol waits for no one. Many a beautiful shot has been missed because I couldn't find my shoes or my camera, causing that one minute delay that completely changes the dawn.

Fortunately, I was up and dressed and didn't miss daybreak this morning

ANYHOW . . .

Today is ABC Wednesday and I will be presenting

Scenes from South Monticello Campground

As I mentioned the other day, we had a bit of rain, and in its' own inimitable style, the desert has responded with a subtle yet powerful exhibition of color. In celebration of Spring, we took a little trip on the new trail that has been carved from South Monticello all the way down to Hot Springs, close to ten miles!

This is very near the beginning of the Trail

The cholla are blooming,

as is just about everything else.

Take a close look at this cholla.
Look hard before you go to the next photo.
Maybe click to enlarge.
Do you see it?

Someone has taken up residence!

Is this heaven or what?

I saw this sprawling mass
and had to take a closer look

Looks like the aliens have landed.

Does this shade of lavender
exist anywhere else?

Finally, we're back on the road.

Back home, I noticed the virga off in the distance

Virga appears as a sort of cloud
drifting down to the earth.
It's actually rain that falls,
but evaporates before touching ground.
Gotta love the weather in New Mexico

More than ever, I can truthfully say that


Mara said...

What beautiful photos, I'm really jealous of you! Seeing those sights, I wish I could be there as well.

photowannabe said...

Magnificient and magical Kate. Glad you were dressed for the sunrise.

RuneE said...

I fully agree - Life is good and you seem to live by that. Thank you for sharing!

Sylvia K said...

Fantastic photos, definitely magnificent and magical as photwannabe said! A lovely journey!

Tumblewords: said...

Spectacular! I love the desert! That sunrise is glorious!

Leslie: said...

Awesome shots! Glad that life is good - I agree! :D

Babooshka said...

Absolutley right. Sun up Sun down is the golden hour for photographers. These are very classy images.

pictureeachday said...

Wow! It's fortunate for us too that you were up for daybreak :) Your photos are gorgeous - I just had to enlarge every one to get a good look. You really do make New Mexico look like heaven!

Joy said...

Wow what wonderful photos and New Mexico looks like a fascinating place to live.

Jay said...

Wow, I didn't know about the Virga - that sounds great! Does it help with the heat, or just increase the humidity?

I saw the little thing in the cholla! But .. ouch! Wouldn't want to tread on that spiky seed pod!