Wednesday, April 8, 2009

ABC Wednesday L

I almost didn't make this one, sorry!

I had to go back into the archives for this since I've been WAY busy with my new toy, which I'll be writing about soon.

But for now, it's ABC Wednesday

L is for Lunar

This will be a short one with just some of the moon shots I've taken with my Pansonic FZ28, which takes such clean shots of the moon.

This was shot down at Bosque del Apache, outside of the tiny burg of San Antonio, New Mexico. I had to run outside to get this one and the next shot. I forgot my tripod, so I was happy to get anything at all.

This one is my favorite. While the moon is not in focus, I love the colors and shapes of the branches against the yellow of the Harvest Moon. Remember that you can click on any of these for a larger image.

That's it, I'm off once again to play with my new toy. Reports coming soon!


pictureeachday said...

omigosh, you took these without a tripod? The first one too?! I am truly impressed; they are beautiful!

You barely beat me for last this week, I think :)

photowannabe said...

I like your choices for L too. The moon is great with the branches creating an eerie design. Can't wait to find out what your new toy is.

Sistertex said...

Fantastic shots! I love looking at the moon. Lunar and Life! You have an 'L' on your blog every day, 'Life'. Always an important 'L'.

Kate said...

"omigosh, you took these without a tripod?"

Yep, the Panasonic FZ28 is a pretty amazing little camera, and right now it's selling under $300! Click on the link on the bottom right of the blog for full details. This has been my best camera so far, not too big, lightweight and a great zoom and image stabilization.


Powell River Books said...

Yes, life is very good. Your camera did wonderful on the moon shots, even the closeups without a tripod. We've had a wonderful moon for the last few days here in BC. There have been high clouds, but the light has been fantastic. I invite you to come see my 10,000 year old lake water. - Margy

Mara said...

I like the one with the moon and the tree (the first one), it reminds me of a song we sing for St Nicholas. Memories, memories