Thursday, March 18, 2010

the Cormorants Part 1

I'd never even heard of a cormorant till I came to the Bosque.

Now I find myself intrigued with these strange birds. A group (also known as a flight, a gulp, a rookery, a sunning or a swim) of cormorants pretty much live in one pond of the Bosque and we visit them often.

Last night,
the light was stunning.
It lit these lovelies up
with a rosy golden hue.

I caught a series of this guy landing

Notice that the bird on the right
is less than thrilled
with the arrival.

But finally, he finds his perch

Settling in for the evening

The birds are fascinating. Their shape is kind of awkward, and they seem to have a bit of trouble landing on branches. Once they're on they're all right, but pretty funny to watch in the process.

They are also pretty noisy, making a cow like mooing sound.

This is the final shot.

The New Mexico sunset
gave the shrubbery this deep
amethyst color.

Sorry to repeat myself,
but I love it here.

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