Monday, March 29, 2010

Wow . . .


In looking at the past couple of posts, I realize we're really into sort of vegging around. We know that we'll be going to the ranch in early May, and will probably spend a week or so in Albuquerque/Santa Fe between when we leave here and head north.

But for right now, we seem to be doing a whole lot of nothing.

Sometimes this makes me feel guilty. Like I'm squandering my free time that I dreamed about for so many years when I was getting up every morning and getting to the Post Office around 5 am. Having to get up at that ungodly hour affected my whole outlook on life. Having two days off never seemed enough. I would usually do chores or play on the first day off, then spend most of the second day worrying that I had to go to work the next day.

I dreamed of everything I'd do when I retired.

And now I so often find myself doing nothing. Am I wasting all this precious time?

It's hard to tell. I know I love reading books, especially those about early life in this amazing country. And I certainly enjoy movies, maybe more than I should. Then there's the computer, which I can lose myself in for hours at a time.

And of course there's photography, and the computer time that inevitably follows.

All this, and any time I want I can look up and see the sweet face I love so much across from me.

Hmmmm, maybe I'm doing something, just not what I thought I'd be doing.

And you know what's funny? I sometimes find myself getting up at 5:00am, just like I used to.

But now, it's my choice. And I don't have to hurry and run out the door, I'm free to watch the sun rise.

Or not.

No matter what I'm doing, I love my life.

Oh, and the quails are what I was doing this morning.

I wanted to make sure and include a picture of the female, since we ALWAYS see pictures of the males. Just like in real life, I think they are at least as beautiful as their mates.

Enjoy your day.


Andrea said...

Hi Kate, I hope to be fulltiming this time next year. Enjoyed your bird comment and have read the solar cooking posts. Just discovered your blog through the LD group in yahoo. How do pick up orders you place online? You don't use a mail forwarding service for that do you? Just wondering, especially since you boondock a lot. I enjoyed your rig tour and how Andy and others have contributed. I bought Andy's Eureka2 and have cooresponded a little bit with him about my questions about rving. Great blog! Andrea

Kate said...


I'd love to correspond with you via email, but your blogger info is blocked. If you'd like, contact me via email and I can share a lot of info (receiving mail, etc) via email.


Andrea said...

Not sure you got my reply. Your email is not available to me either.

Sure. aeagles2 at gmail dot com - Would love to hear from you.
Am writing it out so the web spiders can't capture it.


Kate said...


Email has been sent


Susan said...

Amazing photos!