Wednesday, March 3, 2010

A Day at the Bosque

I thought I'd share what it's like to spend an afternoon at Bosque del Apache (which stands for Woods of the Apache).

After a long cold winter,
it looks as if Spring
may be ready
to burst forth.

No leaves,
but look at these buds.

This heron seems to like this spot.
We see him near here
almost every time
we go into the Bosque.

He stays for a while,
letting us take his picture.

Then he takes off.

Usually we don't see a lot of deer,
but this afternoon, here they are.

And they're pretty friendly . . .

Or at least
not too skittish.

The Canadian Snow Geese
haven't moved north yet.

As we round the bend,
once again we see the Falcon.

I'm really fascinated with this bird.

It's like he's here
just for me
and my new camera

This isn't a perfect shot
but I love the pose.

He makes me want to fly.

As always, you can click any image
to see a larger version.

Any visit to the Bosque
is never complete
without a few Sandhill Cranes.
They're getting scarce,
but if you look hard,
there are still a few around.

Don't these guys look like
they're packing up
to leave?

It truly is a magical place.

I recommend everyone
try to visit
at least once.

This is our fourth year and
I'm sure we'll return.

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