Sunday, March 28, 2010

the Joy of Small (and Teapots)

Just a few thoughts.

I love living small. Just like in a stick house, we have our chores and routines, but there's just something about doing it in the rig that feels so right. Maybe it's that we can actually get things completely finished in such a short period of time?

All I know is I find it supremely satisfying.

On another note, I did a really stupid thing the other day. It is usually our routine to fill the tea kettle with water at night, so all we have to do is get up, turn the stove on and soon, we have hot water for coffee. I guess I was even less awake than usual, since I got up, and just turned on the burner under the kettle and, in my early morning stupor, just wandered away.

Now, you might ask, how far could I wander in 200+ square feet? Well, far enough to not be in the immediate vicinity of the stove. So here I am, lying in bed reading, when I hear a tremendous clatter, like someone has thrown a pan across a room . . .

I jump out of bed and find the lid of the kettle across the room, and the tea kettle skittered across the stove top. Boy, did I feel stupid!

And happy that neither of us had been in the path of the flying tea kettle lid . . .

Long story short, the dual bottom of the old kettle is wankered and no longer usable, so we're looking for a new teapot. Not an easy thing in Socorro, where our one and only option is WalMart. So I started looking on the internet, but it is virtually (bad pun) impossible to tell what I'm getting online.

I want a chromed stainless steel pot with a dual bottom. I want it to whistle. I want to be able to fill it from the top and through the spout. I want the opening large enough to clean. And I'd like it to be fairly heavy.

Actually, I want the old one, that we bought at Costco about six years ago, with no markings on it at all. But that won't be happening anytime soon.

So if any of you have any sturdy tea kettle recommendations, could you either shoot me an email or post a comment? We need our morning coffee!

Even so,

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Brenda said...

Revere Ware has exactly what you are looking for. And it has to be online. Try Amazon.