Saturday, March 20, 2010

the Light . . .

Over and over again, I realize that photography is all about the light.

And everyone says that there is nothing
like the light of New Mexico.

I have to agree

It makes the most mundane subject shine

And the reflections,
what can I say?

It brings out the most amazing hues
in the water.

The mountains shine with glorious tints.
I now understand the phrase
"Purple Mountains Majesty".

The sunsets defy description.

I just finished reading "Land of Enchantment" (which I really can recommend) and a phrase struck so close to home, I copied it so I wouldn't forget it.

"There is something in the air of New Mexico that makes the blood red, the heart beat high and the eyes look upward. Folks don't come here to die, they come to live and they get what they came for"

I couldn't agree more.

1 comment:

photowannabe said...

I agree with your have stayed in NM to LIVE.