Thursday, March 3, 2011

Just One Flower

Today I decided it was time for a haircut.

Getting a good haircut while on the road is often a real challenge. That said, it hasn't been that much easier since we've been back. The last time I needed a haircut, I asked two separate women whose hair I liked where they got their haircuts. Of course I got two different answers. That last time, I went to one of the hairdressers, and while it was OK, this time I decided to try the other one.

It turned out to be a lovely little salon, and while I was waiting my turn, I couldn't help staring at this small flower arrangement.

As you know, I'm always looking for photographic opportunities. It seems to be a gift you receive when you get into photography. You see pictures everywhere. Still, the opportunities have been scarce lately, but I'm trying.

So I decided to see what I could do with it and the few minutes I had before my haircut.

Here it is from a different angle.

Since the shot above was pretty blown out,
I moved to another angle,
incorporating the mirror for a different look.

Then I decided to zoom in
on the flower itself.

And finally, with a little manipulation,
I decided to really make the flower
the star of the shot.

When I was done taking my pictures, I asked the receptionist what kind of flower it was. She admitted that she didn't know, but was I aware that it was fake?

Ha, the jokes on me.

But I do think I got a great haircut!


Merikay said...


Len Miller said...

Hey Kate,

I do hope your haircut doesn't look like that flower..... Just thought I'd say "hi", Len Miller here, we met at the Baptist RV Park in Austin, NV last Oct/Nov? Remember that frozen night? You invited us to your home and we talked photography, etc. Glad to see all is well with the two of you. Say hi to Terry for me.

-Len & Sue Miller

Jessica said...

LOL!! But it was pretty anyway. ;)

Jerry and Suzy said...

Maybe the flower was a fake, but the photos were good -- and you got some good practice. In fact, with artificial flowers you could practice on the same flower for weeks, from different angles, in different places, with different lighting, and never worry about the flower wilting! Did we ever tell you about the artifial plant we carefully watered for weeks before learning the truth?

Donna K said...

Tooooo funny...but great photo op anyway.

photowannabe said...

We had a lady at our former church who was forever watering the fake ficus in the lobby. What a mess.
Tha's a really pretty flower arrangement and great shots of it too.
Doesn't it feel good to get the hair done? I get a perm in 2 weeks and can hardly wait.
Have a great weekend.