Monday, March 14, 2011

We're Back

We're back at the house, and what a time we had!

We had great weather (and a tsunami warning!), and got to meet a ton of people. Morro Bay State Park is a lovely venue, and there were something like thirty five Lazy Daze, with the oldest being a couple of 1983 models.

One belongs to our friends Steve and Nancy who we met last fall in Capitol Reef and the other to our new friends Dorothy and Mikio. I have to say, with a little bit of care, these Lazy Daze rigs can go on forever!

I wonder if we'll still be in Cholula Red in 2033???

Time will tell.

Once again, we learned so much.

I think after looking at the upgraded lighting in Steve and Nancy's rig, I'll be switching out our halogens for super bright LEDs. I've been hesitant, because the cost is pretty high. But after seeing them in action, I'm convinced that they can give as much light with such an energy savings that, even with the high initial cost, it will still be worth it. When I get this project underway, I'll give you particulars here, in case any of you RVers are interested in making the switch.

Another thing I'm planning on writing is a small piece explaining electricity in an RV. Now, this won't be for you of you who know anything at all. This will be for the very rank beginner. The reason I'll be doing this is, the subject came up several times, and it seems that most people who try to explain 12 volts, chargers, generators, batteries, inverters etc, already know way too much, and just can't seem to dumb it down enough for us beginners.

It seems, since I only understand the very basics, I was able to explain it a bit to several people at the get together. It was suggested that I write it out for the blog, so hopefully I'll get to that soon.

I also have some pictures I took during our trip (not as many as I hoped, but hey, I was busy visiting!), so basically, this entry is just to touch base till I get around to really making a posting!


Big Matt said...

Be very careful about what brands of LED lights you get, some are not as good as others and can cause tons of "noise" in the radio frequency bands and others do not have very good voltage regulators which with the range of voltage that the average 3 stage charger produce, run the risk of burning the LED Lights out prematurely.

Malone said...

Good to hear from you, Kate! I'll look forward to the photos from Morro Bay as well as the talk on electricity. Curious if the LED's are that weird bright blue light that they seem to be in flashlights and such. Not sure I could live with that color of light.

Donna K said...

Welcome back and I'll be watching for those pictures! Looking forward to your article on electricity.

Russ Krecklow said...

Glad you guys are back safe and sound. We missed you! That was a lovely picture of you all bundled up down there. Donna and I enjoyed it, anyway! Frankly, we're tired of the wind and rain, and looking forward to some sunshine in the not too distant future!

Waiting patiently for photos. Hope Terry took some, too. I enjoy his older photo albums on your website.

Kate said...


That’s exactly why we wanted to see what others were using before we spent the money!


Kate said...


These are available in either white (blue) or warm white, we will get the warm white.


Merikay said...

Looking forward to the electricity blog. The more we know the better!

Denise from Ark said...

I see it's been a good while since this post and I can't find any kind of post expanding on changing out the lights for LED's. This is something that we might be very interested in doing, as we have bought a perfect condition 96 Excel from DH's parents and are in the process of upgrades to the systems and decor.