Tuesday, March 8, 2011

We're Here!

We are the laziest people in the world . . .

Our intentions are good, but you know, that warm bed and that good book just has a real hold on me in the morning. Must be all those years of getting up at 5am and going to work.

So around 3:00, we finally got on the road. We just couldn't get our act together any sooner. Of course, this meant that our plans of pulling in to Morro Bay early and taking a leisurely walk to see the sunset were pretty much dead in the water.

By the time I realized we were going to miss the sunset, I figured a few pictures out of a moving car were better than no pictures at all, so here we go.

I started shooting
somewhere outside of Cambria.
It's so lush and green right now,
really gorgeous.

Once again, I found myself
shooting right into the sun.
I love this technique.
And just think how good
this could have looked
if the windshield were clean!

Knowing we would miss the sunset,
I shot this out my open window
while Terry drove.
If you enlarge it,
you can see just the teeniest sliver
of the setting sun.

As predicted, we pulled into the campground in complete darkness, and of course there was no one in the booth. We do have reservations, so we figured we could just find our spot. Lots of loops here! We drove around, trying to get to our site (106) when we came to a sign 107-whatever to the right, whatever to 105 to the left, hey what's the skinny here? And no, 106 was not right in front of us!

Finally, I had Terry sit in the rig and I hotfooted it out to try and find our site. And finally I did, tucked back in a little corner.

So now were snug and happy.

Actually, it's an amazing experience, because the shades are all drawn, so we could be anywhere on earth. The excitement of new surroundings starts tomorrow morning when we wake up and look out our windows.


Donna K said...

JEALOUS!!! Wish I was there but it really would have been too much to try and make this one. Still putting stuff into Therapy and trying to figure out the best place for everything.

I love those rolling green hills and wish I had taken more photos out the window as we went past. Looking for lots more from you over the next few days.

You and Terry have lots of fun over the next few days and BE LAZY - that's what retirement is all about!!

photowannabe said...

Have fun friend. Enjoy your new surroundings and get your batteries recharged.

Carol K said...

We like Morro Bay. I look forward to hearing more about your stay there and seeing more pictures.

photowannabe said...

Hi Kate and Terry,
I know this is a day early, but I just wanted to wish you a happy Anniversary.
Glad you can spend it seeing some beautiful country. Enjoy your time.

Russ Krecklow said...

Hope you guys had an enjoyable anniversary! I saw the pictures of you all bundled up. We were hoping it would be warm down there in Morro Bay. Certain that you enjoyed yourselves. Looking forward to seeing photos, if you could hold the camera still even while shivering!