Saturday, March 19, 2011

Out and About in Morro Bay

One morning while at Morro Bay, two wonderful ladies pulled up at our front door and asked if I'd like to join in an excursion to some of the local junk stores.

Of course, I'm never interested in thrift stores, but I was talked in to going along. It must have taken them about twelve seconds to convince me!

The day would be spent with me traveling in the back of a 22 foot Lazy Daze, a different experience, so of course I got out the camera.

My first photos were of my traveling companions . . .

The ones in the back of the rig with me,
not the ladies up front.

Look at Smokey's eyes

And this is Jake.
They were quite hospitable
throughout the day.

A note here on Lazy Daze. They all have tinted windows, a great plus in most situations. I've noticed that some of the older rigs have a decidedly brown tint, while the newer ones tend towards gray. I understand that gray gives a truer color, but I really like the warmth of hue created with the brown windows.

Since this was a 1990s era Lazy Daze, it had the the brown windows. I love the tint it gave to my photos.

Taken out of the back window
while we were moving down the road,
a shot of Morro Rock.

More shots out the moving windows.

Don't these homes
have the most wonderful views?

It was around 3pm
when I took this shot,
but look what the windows did to the shot.

It's kind of like using
one of those neutral density filters.
I keep looking at these filters,
and now I think I'll have to buy a few of them.

Or I could just buy
an older Lazy Daze with brown windows!

As we were driving along,
I noticed lots of windsurfers.

I was in a moving vehicle,

shooting through tinted windows,

so these aren't as sharp as they could be.

Still, I liked the feeling of freedom

and the open-ness of the seashore.

Here's one final shot,
right before we turned around
to go back to the campground.
I thought this looked like
an old Kodachrome postcard.

Now we're back to clearing the house and auctions.



Russ Krecklow said...

Nice filtered shots, Kate. So glad you and Terry enjoyed yourselves with a little break down in Morro Bay. That is such a nice campground. We drove through there last year on our way back from ordering "Therapy". Now, we'll have to go back and stay there for a few days!

Just reading the first book in the trilogy you were telling us about. You're right, it's really engrossing. Now, I'll probably be stuck in them for awhile, just like you were.

Keep dry. Take care.

Jerry and Suzy said...

Those cats seem to be be experienced models for the photographer, or maybe it was the casual photographer who seemed non-threatening. Great shots through the wondows, by the way!

photowannabe said...

It looks like you had a terrific time junking and snapping. Life is definitely good.

Barb A said...

Love your camp and cruise photos Kate, especially Smokey and Cayucos pier - you are a fun traveling companion!

Barb A said...

Great camp and cruise photos Kate, especially like Smokey and Cayucos pier. Who knew (till you) that those windows give a filter effect. You're a fun traveling companion and hope to see you down the road.

Bob Davis said...

What excellent cats! We're still looking for ways to include kitties in our Lazy Daze trips, mainly where to put the litter box. Over the years we've met several cats at RV parks, mostly in the bigger Class A coaches.
Regarding Morro Bay: we were there a few years ago for an LD gathering. My comment about such events is: "Since everyone has a Lazy Daze, there are no lesser vehicles to look down our noses at."
Bob Davis
driver of LD-30-IB "Piscataqua River"
Home terminal, San Gabriel CA