Thursday, March 24, 2011

I Got an iPad!

This will be short, but oh boy, am I excited . . .

OK, let me back up a bit here.

I have wanted an iPad since I first heard of them. But they just seemed a bit expensive to me (not that that would have stopped me if I had the extra cash, but I just didn't have the bucks).

So then they go and announce the iPad 2 and I look at it, and it doesn't seem like quite the upgrade I had hoped for. So I get to thinking that it might be the right time to get a 1st generation, what with everybody else upgrading.

But these people want a lot of money, often merely $50 less that a brand new 2nd generation. So I just decided that I would wait for #3.

Then this afternoon, on one of the many boards where I hang out on the internet, someone mentioned that just this morning, Verizon had decided to clear out their leftover 1st generation iPads, dropping the price another $100 (this after an initial price drop of $100 with the announcement of the 2nd generation models).

This brought the 16gb WiFi model down to $300, and since I have a mifi with an unlimited plan (thanks to being grandfathered in from my original USB720), this would fit the bill just right!

I called the local store and they said they had had 3 this morning but they were gone. However, they were expecting another shipment any time now. I asked if they'd hold one for me and jumped right in the car (in the middle of torrential rains, that's how bad I wanted one) and hotfooted it into Capitola.

I got there and the courier had not yet arrived, but was expected at any moment, and I was first on the list. Yahoo!

The shipment arrived a few minutes later and I got my iPad (as did the two people behind me) which left three for my local store.

So I've been playing with this all this evening, but could any of you who have iPads share some of your favorite aps? I'm moving over my favorites from the iPhone, but I'm sure there are a lot more to play with.

If you're looking for an iPad, I think this is a great deal (iPad 16gb WiFi, $300) so you might want to check out your local Verizon Store.

One more quick word on the mifi. I've had an aircard with Verizon for some time (hence the unlimited plan) and have been quite pleased. When I heard about the mifi, it sounded good to me, but I thought the price was a bit steep. Since I'm out of contract, I really didn't want to start all that again. So I went on CraigsList, where I found a local geek who had forsaken Verizon for Sprint, and got my mifi for $60, no contract. Then I simply went to my local Verizon Store, and told them my situation. They looked up my account and saw that I was on the unlimited plan. Then they de-authorized my old device, authorized the mifi (with no contact and no change in terms) and that was it, Easy Peasy!

If you're thinking about upgrading, remember you have options that don't always involve a contract!

I'll be back in a day or two when it's all set up.


Melinda said...

Hooray! You will love it!
A few favorite apps:
RSS 5000 for a feed reader
Fotopedia Pro National Parks for great images of national parks
Weather HD
Sky Safari Lite for star gazing guidance
App Advice for great suggestions on new apps and reviews of the best of a certain kind of app.
Kindle app for accessing all your Kindle books

I have had my iPad about 7 months and it has been better than I hoped. Enjoy!

Carol K said...

I'm jealous, especially about the unlimited mifi. :)

Donna K said...

Congrats...I bet you'll really enjoy that. Looking forward to hearing all about it.

Paula said...

Is that why you called (briefly) yesterday? Looks like we'll have fun together playing with our new toys.

Lew and Jan Johns said...

Kate, IMO the Kindle app is a must. With the iPad I am again able to read books. The backlighting lets Jan read at night in Marco without keeping me awake.

PDFReader Pro works well and allows me to read PDF Files.

I like Perfect Browser because it allows me to select large Font sizes which Safari does not.

BlogPress by CLT Studios makes Blogging very simple and quick. For a time if you Hosted your PICs with them they injected Advertising but they have since fixed that.

I'm not real happy with the built-in Photo app because the only way to install PICs is by synchronizing to a computer.

Have fun!