Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Old Friends Revisited

We've had a wonderful couple of days, visiting with friends we haven't seen in years. These people are gold and we appreciate them more than we can say.

And the sun finally came out!

Our visits took place over a period of two days, both of which we spent in Santa Cruz. On day one, we met at the wharf, and it was just the perfect weather. We were so happy to see the sun again, it really was an added bonus to a perfect day.

So now, in no particular order,
here's my photo impressions of the day.

Ya gotta love sock monkeys,
I sure do.

Then there's the seagulls.
I assume you're all sick of seeing them,
but I love to take their pictures.

I might have bought one of these marbles,
but decided to settle on a photo instead.
That's the new me!

We all thought
how nice it would be
to be out on this boat,
or ship,
or vessel.
Anyway, you get the idea.

I took a couple of my "arty" shots of Terry.
I was inside the store,
he, of course, was outside.

I like the composition here,
even though it's a kind of messy shot.

I think I like it even better
in black and white.

Now here's a few memory shots,
Howard and Annie.
Gee, she's grown a bit in four years!

Here's the whole family,
Paula, Howard and Annie.

These closeups are crops
of the above photos.

Just to remind you
that you don't have to get in close
for closeups.
(click for larger images).

And for some reason,
I didn't get a shot of Dona.
Hopefully next time.

This day reminded us of how many people we need to see while were here in California. I do believe if the sun will stay out for a bit, my depression (which I was unaware of till I saw the sun again) might lift and maybe we'll be able to do a bit more catching up with old friends.


Merikay said...

Sunshine always helps! We have missed it for a while.

Donna K said...

So glad you have sunshine. It is actually peeking out a bit right now, here in Eugene. Merikay is right, sunshine helps and I feel my spirits lifting as well. Great shots of Terry and your friends. The seagull looks like he is dancing!