Friday, March 4, 2011

Well, YUCK!

Today we thought we should start getting ready for our little adventure next week. The rig has been sitting under the trees, getting sappy and dirty, it looks a fright.

So we gave her a wash and boy, did she need it.

Then we looked her over and decided to give her a bit of spit and polish. We don't do this as often as we should and I'm ashamed to say, she doesn't look as good as other Lazy Daze that are even older. They told us the red paint was a mistake (much more upkeep) but did we listen?

So soon, she may suffer a name change. Maybe Cholula Tomato Soup, or Cholula Dusty Rose? Whatever, she will always be Cholula Red to us.

So anyhow, we used a bit of Finish First prep, which helps with the oxidation. I say we used a bit, because we only got to one side of the rig, the door side, Then we put a bit of Finish First wax on that side, and by the time we were done with the one side, she looked wonderful, but we were too pooped to go any further. Still, we knew we had to do something about the cab of the rig.

Let me backtrack a bit here,

When we make camp, we use a mesh boot which goes on the outside of the windshield. This allows light in during the day, and while we can see out, people can't see in. When we wash the rig, that has to come off, and of course it was filthy dirty. Fortunately, that can go right in the washing machine.

While the mesh boot works great during the day, when it gets dark outside, we add a device called an Easy Curtain. This is one of my favorite tweaks for the rig. It's lightweight, yet completely blocks all light, yet for some reason, it seems to help with both heat and cold.

In addition to the boot and the Easy Curtain, when we're somewhere for an extended stay and it will be cold, we've made a curtain that attaches to snaps on the cab over. It's a heavy microfiber blanket that goes all the way to the floor and into the wheel wells. Using this makes the rig extra toasty and snug, especially in cold weather.

So that's been the set up here for the last couple of months, the boot, the Easy Curtain and the microfiber drop.

Now, remember a while back when we were talking about how moist the rig had become, sitting here under the trees? Well, as regular readers know, we got a dehumidifier, which has completely taken care of the problem.

At least, we thought it had taken care of the problem, never thinking about taking down the curtains we have in the front of the rig . . .

So we took down the microfiber plush and Uh Oh, this doesn't look good. We see some mold on the bottom, where it hits the floor, so into the washer it goes. Then we notice a bit of mildew on the Easy Curtain (another load for the washer . . .).

When we take the Easy Curtain down, I have to tell you, it looked like the mildew monster had taken up residence, YUCK!!! It was everywhere. On the dash, in the seat belt, on the window, the doghouse, the floor mats, everywhere.

Wow, this was really disgusting!

Fortunately, it cleaned up pretty easily.

But it leads me to ask the question, What do you folks who RV in the wet climates do? The Lazy Daze is very well insulated, including thermal pane windows and tons of insulation. But that didn't stop the moisture from collecting, especially in the cab area of the rig, where the insulation is the weakest.

I haven't read much about this problem on the online forums, but it makes me wonder.

And once again miss the beautiful arid southwest.

Anyhow, it's supposed to rain tomorrow, so we may never get the other side of the motorhome waxed.

So if you're reading this, and will be visiting us in Morro Bay, make sure you only look at the rig from the passenger side.That's the shiny one . . .

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Big Matt said...

Don't feel too bad, I've got tons of Oregon mildew and moss to scrub off the camper here in another month. Then it'll be the fun time of seeing if any of the jacks have seized in place from the rain. :p