Thursday, April 19, 2012


Sorry, I just can't help myself . . .

This one is called Mosaic Creator and it is way cool. Especially when you consider it only costs $.99!

It offers a lot of options in a small package. First, you pick any image from your photo album that you want to convert into a photo mosaic. Then you can pick a size for the mosaic tiles (anywhere from 16 to 150 pixels). Then, you decide if you want to use the same tiles over and over (or use every picture in your album without a lot of repeating). Finally, you decide whether you want all the photos to maintain their original coloring, or if the software can change the album image colors to suit the selected image.

Even though you only have three options, they open up endless possibilities.

I'm including too many (again), but I'm having such a good time . . .

Remember the panorama I posted of the Golden Gate Bay?
Here's a mosaic using the original photo colors.

Here it is allowing the app to change the mosaic colors
to suit the image.

Flamingos, using app selected colors and larger tiles.
This shot allowed unlimited re-use of the tiles.

Smaller tiles, no repeating,
but using colors to suit the original image.

Sunrise at Monument Valley.

More Monument Valley.

This is the very first one I did.
The blocks are a bit too large,
but still, I kind of like it.

It even works on black and whites.

I made the squares really tiny on this one.
The original picture wasn't all that clear,
but I think the mosaic is kind of cool

All these images are clickable for larger images.
That said, when you zoom in,
some of the original images are kind of pixelly.
This isn't as much of an issue with the original size,
but when I reduced them for posting online,
it became more noticeable.

Still, I really like this app and will be using it a lot.


Russ Krecklow said...

Very interesting effects, Kate. It's really hard to beat a photo of Terry when it comes to looking good! He's a winner every time.

Donna K said...

Well that's fun!

Gaelyn said...

Some very interesting effects there. Mike's iphone just took a crap with all his photos and aps.