Saturday, April 14, 2012

a Day Off

We've been really busy with the house, moving right along. Yesterday, we had to run errands, including delivering a lot of things we're disposing of.

Since we were downtown in Santa Cruz and it was an absolutely beautiful day, we went out to lunch.The restaurant had a wonderful garden, showing the promise of spring and all its wonders to come.

I'm not sure what these are,
but aren't they beautiful?

I think he's beautiful too.

I also liked the artwork in the restaurant.

We discovered a new discount store where they sell closeouts from other venues. Apparently, they buy leftovers from Costco, as they had a box of 42 packs of coffee from Costco. These are the pouches where each one is good for a pot of coffee. The box holds a total of four and one half pounds of coffee, and they were selling the boxes at $6.50 each! We bought one, came home and checked it out and immediately decided that at that price we should pick up a few more.

Today was another beautiful day, and we decided we were due a full day off.

First we went down and bought more coffee, what a great deal.

We hadn't decided what to do for the rest of the day when the store owners said they had another branch up in Half Moon Bay. Since that's a perfect day trip for us, we decided to head up the coast and see what they had.

The store wasn't great,
but what a wonderful day we had!

The weather alternated
between blue skies and overcast clouds.

We decided to take a side trip
and give the tiny town of Pescadero a look-see.
We started at a restaurant
we've been meaning to try
where they serve cream of artichoke soup.
When we got there,
we saw they also have cream of green chile soup!
Terry had the green chile
and I had a combination of artichoke and green chile.

Afterwards, we took a look around the town.
They have a wonderful old cemetery.

I've never seen a tiki in a cemetery before . . .

All up and down the coast,
the poppies and mustard were in bloom

These chickens seem to love the mustard leavings.

I can't seem to resist taking pictures of chickens.

Well, roosters, actually.

When we got back out to the coast,
the sky was dark,
but every once in a while
the sun would break through.

It was a great day.

Tomorrow, it's back to the grind.


The Odd Essay said...

Your pictures are so beautiful.. my favorite is of the tiki in the cemetery... now, THAT one is haunting!

Gaelyn said...

Every body deserves days off and you certainly took advantage. Great deal on the coffee and a beautiful drive. Cream of artichoke/green chili soup sounds good.

photowannabe said...

Looks like you had a perfect day. I have to admit I miss Half Moon Bay once in a while...not the fog, but the character.
Keep plugging along on the house. You guys are doing great.
Love the soup at Duartes. Glad you could have some.

Donna K said...

Fun post...and fun picture of Terry! How nice of you to make that comment. That one rooster was sure a beauty (the black one). Glad you took a day off and had some fun time together. You deserve it.

Big Matt said...

Odds are it's a native american totem pole, and likely there are some native american's buried near it, would be my guess :).