Monday, April 9, 2012

the Court of the Mysteries

Since we've been back in Santa Cruz, we've been trying to remember where a certain place was located.

Named the Court of Mysteries, it's a perfect place to take pictures. At least it used to be.

Today, we accidentally happened on it, only to find it abandoned and in dire disrepair. Still, I got out and did my best to get a few shots. The sky was overcast, so some of these are pretty blown out, apologies.

In case you're interested
in the history of this fascinating place,
you can read about it here

or here.

The buildings are decorated with abalone shell.

abalone shell is really hard to photograph!

I'd love to get inside these buildings.

And of you'd like to purchase this unique property,

it's for sale for a mere $2,750.000.
The listing is here.

I couldn't leave
without just one flower shot . . .

That's it for today.


Gaelyn said...

What a mysterious place, unique architecture and that's a whole lot of abalone. (Agree hard to photo, I have a necklace made with shell.)
I'm off to read about this possible investment property. ;)

Donna K said...

I'd like to get inside those buildings too. Fascinating history. You could buy it and open an upscale B&B!!

Big Matt said...

Sounds like it's time to call in the McMenniman brothers to pack it up and haul it back to Oregon to add it to one of their many eclectic properties :).