Saturday, April 28, 2012

Dog Tired

We had a decent day at the flea, but it was really hot, so we're both worn out.

We did well, losing a full car load and half a pickup truck load and bringing in a bit over $400.

There wasn't a whole lot to take pictures of, 
but I did think these guys 
were photo worthy.

I was very good 
and only bought one small bag of jewelry.
My prize is this duet (or duette) pin.
These are fairly rare, 
especially complete like this one

I took several pictures and finally gave up, 
since jewelry photography just isn't my forte.  
I can tell you these pictures don't do this piece justice at all.  
The stones are all there, clear and bright and shining.
Here's a shot of the back.

Duets are so called 
because they are actually two pins 
that can be joined with a back piece 
to create one pin.  
Hence, you can wear them as one large brooch 
or two separate pins, usually clips.

The device was patented in the late 1930s 
and their popularity continued into the 1960s.  
Some are still made, 
but the choice pieces are the vintage clips 
in good condition.

PLEASE forgive these terrible pictures.

If you'd like to read more about duets 
and actually see some good photographs, 
click here.

That's it for tonight, 
we're taking tomorrow off and doing nothing!


Miss Lazee said...

Nice! Thanks for the interesting jewelry information.

Sharon at Princess and Cowboy

Jerry and Suzy said...

Sometimes nothing is the best thing to do!

photowannabe said...

That's an amazing amount of money from a flea market sale. Good for you.
You are really on a roll.
Love the duet pin too.