Wednesday, April 18, 2012

More This and That

Another day spent working on the house. We found a huge box filled with old family pictures.

Is this the cutest baby you've ever seen?
Unfortunately, it has some damage,
still, I think it's an adorable shot.

He grew into this.
One of my favorite pictures of Terry,
I thought it was lost forever.
This was taken on the Chicken of the Sea
when it was still in Fantasyland.
Now it's gone forever.

Playing with the phone,
I took a couple of pictures of the big case.
The light was poor, so they're pretty noisy.
Still, they'll serve as good memory shots.

Mickey painting Mickey,
seeing Walt.
Thank you Norman Rockwell.

My version of Neverland.

That's it for tonight.


Russ Krecklow said...

That young Terry is sure a handsome devil. He hasn't changed much, has he? He's still a handsome devil, just a little older and more wiley now! Thanks for old pictures. Glad you're finding all those cool things. Enjoyed seeing all that old Disney stuff. You really have a good eye for things like that, Kate.

Gaelyn said...

Hope your scanning the old photos.

Somebody sure was a Disney collector.

Donna K said...

Oh my goodness, what a collection. Love that Cruella DeVille. It must hurt to part with those treasures. I bet you could fix up that baby photo pretty easily with PhotoShop.