Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Again, This and That

While we've been busy visiting, we've also taken some pictures I haven't had time to post, so here's a little album of the last couple of days.

The cactus are blooming all over the Park, and they are just stunning.

There's a path that leads down to the water, and when you take it, you go through several small canyons, each one unique.

Here's a shot taken on the way down to the lake.

This is the control tower for the dam. I will try to take other shots of it in the next couple of days. I really like how it juts up out of the water.

Further down near the water is this bare tree. I love the diversity of the plants in this area.

Here's a shot of the Ciao Baby clan, taking their bikes off the back of the rig.

And here's a shot of Tessa taking a moment to herself on top of the rig. The sunset that night was stupendous and she had a great view.

The casita at Tessa's campsite has a nest complete with three baby birds. While I couldn't get too close, here's the best of a bunch of bad shots I took of the babies. Click for a larger version, it looks a bit better,

And here's a shot of the Mother bird, taken by Lia, Tessa's youngest. Great shot, don't you agree? I like the way the bird reflects in the water. I think she may be a budding photographer.

And here is one of many beautiful sunsets, Isn't our Life Good???

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