Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Rainbows and Birds & Lazy Daze, Oh My!

Not a whole lot has been going on lately so thought I'd post a few shots from around the camp.

We have a lot of birds, but the rosy finches are certainly the most numerous. As the summer progresses, their color just seems to intensify.

Make sure to click on any photo to see a larger version.

It seems we're into a monsoon season here, with warm days, then almost every afternoon, we get rain. And when it rains, the sun is still shining, resulting in lots of rainbows,

This one was taken through our back windows, which are tinted, so the photo is pretty dark. Still if you enlarge it you can see the bight sunlight on the tops of the trees.

And often, after a rain, the light is a pale yellow. It makes the whole world look like there's a sepia lens over the sun. This photo of a double rainbow was taken on just such an afternoon.

Over on the Lazy Daze board (where I spend Way Too Much Time) we've been discussing cutting boards and freezer storage so I'm posting these next two photos for the folks over there.

This is a picture of my new cutting board that fits perfectly in the sink.

And here's a shot of the door of my freezer. I use a piece of craft mesh in the short freezer door compartment so I can fit a bit more ice in a baggy in the compartment. Not very elegant, but it works!

Okay, enough of the insides of my motorhome for now, let's go back outside.

I'll close today with a few shots of the sunsets.

We've just about decided that when we leave here, we're going to go spend some time in Tucumcari. We want to explore some of the Route 66 lore and Tucumcari seems the perfect place to start.

I have no idea what the sunsets will be like there, so I thought I'd post them while we're still here in Santa Rosa.

The skies amaze me every day.

Life is Good


Steven Crisp said...

Hi Kate,

Love your pictures (I too have a thing about skies ;-)

Hey, I have a dumb questions that I *should* know the answer to. What did you do to add the "Subscribe" link on your blog. I assume, once subscribed, that I'll be notified when you add a post? I'd like to offer this on my blog as well.

Thanks in advance (and sorry, this should probably just be an e-mail).

Steve Crisp
Thistle Dew Too

Kate & Terry said...

Gosh Steve, if that's a dumb question, I have an even dumber answer, I don't know! I just took a look at my settings but couldn't find the option anywhere. I do believe it has been this way since I started the blog.

Anyone else have any idea?