Friday, June 6, 2008

America's First Road Trip

I find it interesting when folks come into Cholula Red and say "Wow, you have a TV".

The truth is, most modern RVs have televisions. Even so, there are a lot of RVers who comment that they "never watch TV" or "I use my motorhome to get away from things like TV, I like to commune with nature".

I say to each his own, but I admit that I like TV, at least some of it.

But more than that, I like DVDs.

Movies, documentaries, television series and an assortment of other entertainment that is available any time we might like to view it. All of it without all those annoying commercials, HUZZAH!

So, as in the past, I'm going to share one of my favorite entertainment choices.

Today I'd like to introduce you to a small jewel titled Horatio's Drive: America's First Road Trip.

This is a gem of a production, first shown on PBS in 2003 and directed by Ken Burns. We stumbled on it quite by accident, but the words America's First Road Trip certainly piqued my interest.

This wonderful documentary begins in 1903 with a fifty dollar wager. The deal is that Dr. Horatio Nelson Jackson and his steadfast companion Sewall K. Crocker take a bet that they can drive a 5o horsepower Winton Automobile from coast to coast. Now keep in mind that in 1903 there was only one hundred and fifty miles of paved road in the entire United States.

Also, gas stations were unheard of. And maps? Well, let's just say that Triple A was years in the future.

Narrated by first class talent including Tom Hanks, Adam Arkin and Tom Bodett, you are transported back to a time before interstates, pollution and urban sprawl became the norm. Jackson and Sewall have to contend with all kinds of mishaps, but meet the challenges with humor and good grace. The letters to Horatio Jackson's wife are particularly endearing.

This documentary is a rollicking good time and I can hardly believe I had never heard of it. Have any of you? Can you recommend any others like it?

If you've never seen Horatio's Drive, I recommend you take a look, you surely won't be disappointed.

It kind of makes you want to hit the road!

Life is good (and so is this film).

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