Thursday, June 26, 2008

Opening Up to Those possibilites

It's weird how our lives go.

We've always found that if we keep our minds and options open, new possibilities seem to magically appear.

Over the years, this has led us into down varied and interesting business and recreational roads. These includes Disney collecting, writing for fun and profit, a framing studio, a book selling business, a four year eBay enterprise, blogging, motor homing and, well, you get the idea. Adventures are everywhere!

And now we're feeling a new call. Well, not really new, but we seem to keep running into Route 66.

I've known it all my life and traveled it extensively when I was a child. We used to visit my Grandmother in West Virginia from California most every summer and I have wonderful memories of the Mother Road.

Now that we have spent time in New Mexico, Route 66 seems to be everywhere. It permeates the mythology of this fascinating state.

Since we've been in Santa Rosa, it's all the more evident. Our recent trip to Tucumcari convinced us that we needed to follow this new adventure, so as of next Tuesday, we're off to Tucumcari.

I've been doing some research. I know that we want to visit the Tucumcari Museum, take a long look and lots of photos of the remaining neon signs, visit the Blue Swallow Motel and the newly renovated Safari Inn. We'll also look at the TeePee Curio Shop and hope to explore the surrounding area.

Anyone have any suggestions for places we might miss in the area?

If so, please let us know, we're open to suggestions.

And because I like bunnies, I'll include a photo of this little fellow, who we found drinking from our nearby pond.

Life is Good.

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