Monday, June 16, 2008

Red Rocks

We took a little trip yesterday out to Conchas Lake. On the way we once again marveled at how strikingly beautiful this country can be.

Driving along, we so much enjoyed viewing the open skies, the old farms and run down adobes

All of a sudden, the scenery suddenly shifted, as it does do often in New Mexico.

Off to one side of the road, the dirt became that vibrant New Mexico red and the landscape resembled some ancient battlefield where long ago titans had engaged in a conflict using giant slabs of stone for weapons.

These cinnamon chunks were balanced on each other in the most beautiful arrangements, it was like being in a giant outdoor art exhibit.
We were both struck by this wondrous piece of land. While not as large as other natural wonders, certainly no less beautiful.

The sky was a brilliant blue, emphasizing even more the hue of the earth.

In the midst of this color, the little bits of greenery stood out all the more vividly.

A wider view, to put the size of this spot a bit into perspective.

I had some trouble picking my shots, the whole area was so rich.

Off in the distance was a small toadstool configuration. Does nature ever fail to amaze?

My last shot, this stone monolith was jutting up into the sky.

And in a mere half mile or so, it was done and we were back to the beautiful open skies.

I do love this land and its' many small treasures.

Sometimes it seems to be here just for us.

Life is Very Good.

p.s. Please remember to click on these photos, they really do look so much better at a larger size.

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