Monday, June 9, 2008

Just Visiting

I haven't posted in a few days, because we are deep into socializing with our food friends, Tessa, Jazy, Charles and Lia (and Ned on a stick).

They are on the first leg of an exciting fifteen month journey which has been dubbed Ciao Baby's Grand Adventure. Ciao Baby is the name of their 26 foot Lazy Daze.

Leaving from Texas, they will travel all over the US, up into the Arctic Circle, down through Mexico and Central America, then ship the rig to Europe, and end up in China! Whew!

And all this with Tessa (the Mom), Jazy (a wonderful 13 year old) Charles (the man of the rig, he's 12) and Lia (an eight year old with enthusiasm to spare). Ned, the patriarch of this clan is staying in Texas (working his little heart out) but will fly in to meet the family once a month or so.

To keep his memory fresh, they've taken a life size head shot of Ned and mounted it on a stick, so he is always with them, hence, Ned on a Stick!

They are just a week into this journey and had planned on over nighting with us. Then the air conditioning in the cab of their rig went out, so we've had the pleasure of their company for several days now. What a treat!

If you'd like to follow their adventures, you can read about it here.

We love our life out here and visits from friends like these just make it all the better.

Life is Good!

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