Saturday, June 28, 2008

Strange Day

Today has been a strange one.

The weather's been funky lately, HOT (like 106) one day then overcast and rainy the next. I believe the monsoons have arrived.

Today, after a 100 degree morning, the sky suddenly turned gray and was pierced by lightning every 20 minutes or so. Then came torrential rain, complete with streams running in front of the rig. While the rain let up after a while the skies haven't cleared up all afternoon.

But you know what?

I kind of like it.

During the week, we have most of the camp ground to ourselves; however since the park is usually full on the weekend, we've gotten in the habit of staying in. Today was no exception, and it's days like this that make me realize how very lucky we are to have Cholula Red.

And are we ever happy to have all the comforts. Air conditioning for when its hot, heat for when its cool, a stove, an oven, a refrigerator, a television, DVD player and a microwave. And a roof over our heads, unlike the many tenters here at the park. Sometimes we read, or play on the computer, and often we get involved in movies and DVDs. I just love having a whole television series to watch at one time. It gives you a chance to really get into the characters with none of those messy commercial interruptions.

We're currently involved in the television series Bones, which we both are enjoying immensely. Longtime readers know we're huge Joss Whedon fans, which means we are also fans of Sarah Michelle Gellar, David Boreanaz, Nathan Fillion, Adam Baldwin, Alyson Hannigan and the whole group that Joss Whedon utilizes over and over again.

So when we started watching Bones, it was because we liked David Boreanaz. Now we have become big fans of this series. A bit grisly at times, but great character interaction and development. I like it!

So while the other residents of the campground huddle in their tents, cold and complaining, we're snug as bugs in a rug.

And for that I'm truly thankful.

Life is Good.

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